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Complete Coverage for your Entire
Attack Surface

We bridge the gap between MSSP and MDR providers, delivering end-to-end coverage for your endpoints, cloud, perimeter, and applications. Our security analysts provide 24x7x365 monitoring paired with machine learning and our own Netrix Intelligence Library to identify and respond to active threats in your environment. We proactively hunt and investigate threats with enterprise-grade software, like Microsoft Sentinel and our proprietary SIEM platform RADAR.


Delivering Solutions That Are Always Secure

Cybersecurity is at the core of everything we do. Whether your goals are to build competitive new apps, automate IT operations, reduce manufacturing times, or any of the other various challenges we can help solve, we will always consider how cybersecurity plays a role in the performance and success of your business.


Cybersecurity Outlook Research Report

Organizations continue to face a multitude of cybersecurity challenges in 2024, from a shortage of skilled workers to increasingly sophisticated cyber-threats due largely in part to advancements in artificial intelligence. Plus, with economic uncertainty looming, IT decision makers face increasing pressure to make the most of every dollar invested. Download our proprietary research report to learn how IT and security decision makers are meeting these challenges.


Expert Talent Paired with
The Netrix Global Intelligence Library

Our Intelligence Library is our repository of security intelligence, including various IoCs, custom alerts, hunting rules, and more. The Intelligence Library is a culmination of learnings across our client base and is used to respond to problems in real-time, prioritizing major threats for human intervention and remediating standard threats automatically. While the Intelligence Library is proprietary, it also encompasses Microsoft’s baseline security best practices and operations. Collectively, our Intelligence Library and machine learning capabilities help us decrease alert fatigue and ultimately better secure your environment.

Creating More
Secure Businesses

Quickly Identify and Respond to Threats

Our security analysts provide 24x7x365 monitoring paired with machine learning and our Netrix Intelligence Library to identify and respond to active threats in your environment.

Gain Executive Cybersecurity Leadership

Gain strategic guidance to help you implement and maintain practical, effective security programs that are aligned with your risk tolerance and business strategy.

Secure Your Remote or Hybrid Workforce

Simplify network management and security capabilities to meet the challenges of digital business transformation, edge computing, and workforce mobility.

Understand Your Vulnerabilities

Proactively scan and monitor your security environment with regular reporting on exposures and security risks, and 24x7 dashboard access.

Netrix Global Jumps into Action Fast When Ransomware Strikes

When ransomware took down this national food manufacturer’s systems during an off-hours event, they needed a partner that could spring into action quickly and keep their business from further loss.

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Helping Our Clients By
Powering Business Forward

Cybersecurity Solutions

We can define your security policies, assess your existing environment, deploy market-leading security tools, and deliver 24x7x365 Managed Detection and Response.

Managed Detection & Response

Continuous monitoring and remediation of threats.

Managed Detection & Response

Identify and respond to active threats in your environment quickly with support from our SOC.
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Vulnerability Management

Proactively monitor your environment.

Vulnerability Management

Proactively strengthen your cybersecurity security posture with continuous vulnerability monitoring.
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Password encryption

Penetration Testing

Identify gaps and mitigate risks.

Penetration Testing

Identify issues in your current security posture and gain effective remediation strategies.
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Global network

Virtual CISO

Develop and manage your IT security strategy.

Virtual CISO

Implement and maintain practical, effective information security programs.
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Cybersecurity Assessments

Evaluate your security posture.

Security Assessments

A tailored approach to assessing and testing your cybersecurity posture and compliance.
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Forensics & Incident Response

Remediation and investigation of threats.

Forensics & Incident Response

Reduce recovery time and costs, and mitigate the damage caused by cybersecurity incidents.
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Advising, Developing, and Running Your
Entire Cybersecurity Program

Effectively protect your organization with end-to-end cybersecurity services that will centralize the development and management of your entire cybersecurity program to a single source of leading expertise.


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Start On the Path To a More Secure Business

No matter what challenge you’re facing today, our team of technical experts can get you started on a path to a better solution. We’ll partner with you to: 

  • Understand your current technology environment
  • Interview key stakeholders to understand the root of the business issue(s)
  • Propose a solution with projected timelines, budget, and dependencies