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Scale Your Business Through
Custom Application Development

Our teams of application, data, and cloud experts work hand-in-hand to build custom applications that solve your unique business challenges. Whether you’re looking to increase productivity and automate processes, improve the user experience of out-of-the-box applications, or develop new products to grow your business, we can help you design, deploy, and manage high-performing solutions.

Integrate and Automate Your Critical Business Processes

Develop line-of-business applications and integrations that can solve a multitude of business challenges, including automating critical business processes and improving employee productivity.

Find Cost Efficiencies and Scale Your Existing Applications

Improve performance, reduce operational costs, and increase time to market for new updates by modernizing your applications to a cloud-first approach.

Grow Your Business Through Product Innovation

You've got a new product idea; we've got the team who can make it happen. As you look for new ways to innovate, let our team help evaluate, design, and budget the projects that your teams don't have time to manage and deliver opportunities for you to grow your business.


Improve Reliability, Scalability, and Cost-Efficiency

By modernizing your applications for the cloud, you can eliminate the obstacles brought on by legacy apps, including a lack of scalability, slow performance, and unreliable availability. Our development team collaborates with your business leadership, product owners, and security teams to identify apps ideal for modernization and define a migration strategy for the cloud provider of your choice, such as AWS or Azure. As we do this, we add new capabilities such as autoscaling and configure your apps for global distribution, so you don’t need to purchase data center space worldwide.


Develop an Innovation Roadmap and Explore What's Possible

Do you want to know what it would take to implement your dream application? Our Springboards are designed to answer your questions and provide a vision of what’s possible. We meet with your stakeholders to learn about your challenges and vision, and then define the application requirements with correlating business impact. At the end of the engagement, we recommend a budget and timeline based on the prioritized backlog and review potential scenarios to adjust as needed.

Improved Application Experience Leads to
2X Revenue Growth

When OnShore Technology Group wanted to upgrade its flagship application, Validation Master™, Netrix Global improved the user experience, processing time, and reporting capabilities – on time, as promised – doubling their revenue. 

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Helping Our Clients By
Powering Business Forward

Build, Scale, and Modernize
Cloud-Native Application Solutions

Stay competitive and expand into new growth opportunities by designing, building, and modernizing innovative applications that deliver impactful business value and meet defined business outcomes. 

Application Innovation

Stay up to date with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices. 

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Start On the Path To Innovative Applications

No matter what challenge you’re facing today, our team of technical experts can get you started on a path to a better solution. We’ll partner with you to: 

  • Understand your current technology environment
  • Interview key stakeholders to understand the root of the business issue(s)
  • Propose a solution with projected timelines, budget, and dependencies