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We service clients across many industries and geographies, and with that experience have seen firsthand how common business challenges can lead to critical issues. Our approach with each solution is to drive the most valuable business outcome for each of our clients. See for yourself how many have benefited from partnering with us. 

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ZAVA Netrix Supports ZAVA’s Migration to AWS & Supplements Dev Team The Customer ZAVA, inspired by the French words ‘Ça va’ (meaning ‘how are you?’) was founded in 2010 and is now one of the leading online doctors in Europe and the UK. The company offers a variety of medications,

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Dude Products

DUDE PRODUCTS DUDE Products Relies on Netrix Global for Cybersecurity, Enabling Greater Focus on Innovation The Client DUDE Wipes was founded by lifelong friends out of their apartment in Chicago in 2011. Their origin story is not like most companies. This brand was born out of late-night sessions over beers,

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KOIBANX Koibanx Improves AWS Infrastructure, Robotize Automations Reduce Costs & Save Time Success Story Highlights Significant Cost Reduction & Deadlines Met  The project was completed within three months, as planned. Koibanx reduced AWS costs by as much as 30%.   Automation & Concrete Cloud Boundaries  Robotize Control Tower automates AWS account

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