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Making Smarter
Business Decisions

We work with you to centralize your data so you can be confident it is secure, accurate, and accessible. Our capabilities span data architecture, data engineering, business intelligence, and data science leveraging industry-leading platforms from Microsoft and AWS. 

With Data That Is

Improve Data Accuracy

Consolidate and standardize your disparate, inconsistent databases with the help of our team and data warehouses.

Forecast the Future

Our data scientists build machine learning models that use historical data to predict future outcomes.

Empower Your Team

Leverage your data to empower line-of-business leaders through on-demand dashboards and reporting.

Migrate Your Data

Our team will migrate on-premises data storage to a right-sized cloud platform so you can scale on-demand.

Bringing Valuable Business Data to the Forefront of Decision Making

Amid rapid business growth and bottlenecked by a disparate data structure and reporting system, The Horton Group needed a partner that could deliver a business intelligence solution that would allow further insight into business, sales, and benefits. Netrix Global provided just that with the support of Microsoft Power BI technology. 

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Helping Our Clients By
Powering Business Forward

Discovering The Value
In Your Data

Our services centralize your data so you can be confident it’s secure and accurate. Our capabilities span data architecture, data science, and more. 

Global network

Data Assessments

Understand your current data and business intelligence ecosystems.

Data Assessments

We help you make informed decisions for the future architecture or process changes to improve performance and efficiency.

Data Engineering

Collect, translate, and validate data for analysis.

Data Engineering

We build systems to enable the collection and usage of data to enable analysis, data science, machine learning, and more.
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Data Migration

Move your data to the cloud for a more flexible and scalable solution.

Data Migration

We migrate on-premises data storage to a right-sized cloud platform so you can scale on-demand.

Business Intelligence

Make informed decisions based on the past, present, and future.

Business Intelligence

We help you make informed decisions through business intelligence data visualization solutions by Microsoft and AWS.

Data Lakes

Develop a single source of truth for your disparate and inconsistent data sources.

Data Lakes

We engineer robust, scalable, and high performing data lakes to store large amounts of data and make it readily accessible to your business.

Artificial Intelligence

Boost your data's automation to improve decision-making processes.

Artificial Intelligence

We build high-quality AI solutions, by implementing best practices, monitoring the state of workloads, and developing rules and processes.

Assessing, Developing, and Managing Databases
That Empower Data-Driven Cultures

Build a robust analytics strategy based on accurate, meaningful data so your teams can make smarter, more agile business decisions.

Data Intelligence

Stay up to date with the latest data trends, policies, and best practices. 

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Start Making Smarter Data-Driven Decisions

No matter what challenge you’re facing today, our team of technical experts can get you started on a path to a better solution. We’ll partner with you to: 

  • Understand your current technology environment
  • Interview key stakeholders to understand the root of the business issue(s)
  • Propose a solution with projected timelines, budget, and dependencies