Securing Growth: How Netrix Reinforced Solver's IT Infrastructure and Security for Strategic Expansion

Explore our collaboration with Solver, a key player in Corporate Performance Management. Our partnership aimed to strengthen Solver’s IT infrastructure and improve system security, laying the groundwork for accelerated business growth. This case study presents the hurdles, solutions, and transformative outcomes of our joint venture.

The Customer

Founded in 1996, Solver has won countless awards for its Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution that delivers Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) solutions to meet midsize business needs. The CPM solution provider has been repeatedly named a leader in their industry by G2. Solver integrates with leading ERPs and is sold through their global offices and worldwide network of partners.

The Challenge

“When I started with Solver in 2007, we had a very small IT department with very little structure and few processes in place. I eventually took responsibility for leading IT, with a team of only two. We had additional budget allocated and I needed to choose between hiring to expand the team or relying on a service provider,” explained Allan Bacero, IT Manager, Solver.

The Solution

As a provider of reporting solutions, the Solver executive team are hyper-focused on the ability to report on the success of any investments they make and obtain quantifiable results from each dollar spent. The CEO, in particular, was initially reluctant to hire an MSP and requested in-depth analyses, including an ROI calculator. Netrix was able to build a tool that answered the CEO’s questions and more.

Overall, the Netrix team of experts demonstrated the ability to work with Solver to identify the cybersecurity and IT solutions that would serve their needs and budget. Netrix’s commitment to delivering measurable results leads to fast time-to-value.

The Results

Netrix helped Solver establish the IT structure and foundation necessary for their business to grow. They were up and running quickly, migrating Solver’s infrastructure to the Netrix Private Cloud, a fully managed, VMware-based private IaaS platform operated out of Tier 3, SOC 2, Type II data centers.

Solver also leverages RADAR, Netrix’s proprietary SIEM platform, backed by 24×7 security operations. RADAR is a robust, modular solution that detects and organizes security anomalies using security intelligence and machine learning. RADAR performs automated analysis to detect security threats, resulting in fewer false positives and efficient alert triage to accelerate responses
Establishing IT Foundation & Eliminating Time-Consuming Tasks

“Bringing on Netrix freed up so much time because we no longer had to help with daily tasks like fixing mice and changing passwords. It would have been impossible for me to hire and onboard a team while keeping the lights on.”

“Netrix also served as much more than just a helpdesk. We worked with an experienced Netrix Technical Account Manager who made sure we had the right solutions, including up-to-date backups. I realized we should have done this from the get-go,” said Mr. Bacero.

Peace of Mind & Alleviating Anxiety

RADAR, Netrix’s proprietary SIEM platform, can distinguish real security events from false positives. In the case of a security event, Netrix proactively works to understand the problem, define a plan of action, and support the Solver team in remediating the issue. This approach keeps the Solver team out of the weeds and focused on only the most pressing security threats.

“Netrix’s security expertise is great. Now, when my executives come to me and mention a new hack they read about and ask if we’re going to get hacked, I can confidently say, we’ll be able to mitigate that. And I can say that without investigating our readiness for each specific attack, because I know that we are.”

“I used to have this anxiety that something would happen overnight or during my vacation and I would get a call. With Netrix, that anxiety has definitely gone away,” said Mr. Bacero.

Building Trust with Netrix as an Extension of Solver

Netrix proposes solutions based on Solver’s unique needs, selecting the best options that prioritize wise, strategic financial decisions and that leverage leading industry best practices. Additionally, Netrix helps Mr. Bacero sell the solutions internally, so he’s able to earn support from Solver’s senior executive team.

“I like to think of Netrix as a business unit of solver. I tell my employees all the time that although they may have a Netrix e-mail address, they are Solver’s IT and should be treated like your coworkers.”

“Managing Netrix is just like managing my own team, but I don’t have to give Netrix the details and do the mentoring and administrative tasks. It frees up a lot of my time to focus on the bigger, strategic things. I’m talking concepts rather than tools. It makes my life so much easier. I trust the relationship and the partnership with Netrix,” explained Mr. Bacero.

Able to Focus on Growing the Business

“I don’t have to split my time doing patches or worrying about systems not being updated adequately, leading to vulnerabilities. The business doesn’t need my resources in those areas which are less strategic.”

“If I were to recommend Netrix to someone considering an MSP, I would ask where are the holes in your infrastructure? You can build your own technical solutions from scratch, but at the end of the day, do you really want to know every single thing about security and watch logs all day?”

“Netrix has filled every single one of those holes. There hasn’t been one time when Netrix recommended an external vendor because they can do it all internally,” concluded Mr. Bacero.

Experience The Impact

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