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Strengthening Your Security Operations

We serve as your trusted cybersecurity expert, ensuring your business is always secure and protected from even the worst cyber criminals. Our services help you defend against increasing security threats and tackle challenges such as expanding attack surfaces and broken remediation processes.

Cybersecurity Challenges

Our Practical Approach to Incident Response

Managing in-house incident response can be difficult — and costly. Leaving it to the experts is often a wise move. We help you establish and maintain appropriate incident response policies and procedures on both a retainer and ad hoc basis. 


Create a proactive plan


Investigate anomalous activity to determine validity and pervasiveness of the incident


Isolate the intrusion to protect your network


Defeat threats in record time before they can do harm


Mitigate damage and data loss as you return to baseline


Analyze the root cause of the incident to improve internal readiness

Digital Forensics, Real Answers

Our team of cybersecurity experts conduct forensic analysis to produce evidence used during civil or criminal cases, employee audits, and/or electronic discovery requests. We deploy crucial tools and leverage leading techniques and procedures to capture valuable evidence, such as:

  • Websites visited
  • Files downloaded
  • When files were created, modified, and last accessed
  • Whether attempts were made to conceal or destroy evidence
  • Whether attempts were made to fabricate evidence

We expertly analyze collected and seized evidence to provide a detailed report outlining our process and findings to help support further investigations.

Reduce Recovery Time and Limit the Impact of Cybersecurity Incidents

Mitigate the damage caused by cybersecurity incidents with our team of 24x7x365 security analysts ready and on standby to help reduce recovery time and costs, so your business can keep running seamlessly.