Strengthening Your Security Operations

We serve as your trusted cybersecurity expert, ensuring your business is always secure and protected from even the worst cyber criminals. Our services help you defend against increasing security threats and tackle challenges such as expanding attack surfaces and broken remediation processes.

Cybersecurity Challenges

Meeting the Challenges of Today's Modern, Digital Business

SASE consolidates your security stack by converging solutions into a cloud-delivered, software-defined model. SASE fits in the middle and ties it all together. SASE also meets many of the requirements for cybersecurity insurance and helps you remain compliant.

Protection Built for Modern Threats

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint includes endpoint behavioral sensors, cloud security analytics, and threat intelligence.

Security Operation without the Expense

Rapidly identify and limit the impact of threats without the need for additional staffing. With Netrix, you can gain complete coverage for your business at a predictable monthly fee.

Market-Leading Technologies Backed by Responsive Expertise

Our team leverages market-leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools to aggregate alerts and deliver actionable reporting.

Relieve Your Team of Alert Fatigue

The Netrix Intelligence Library helps distinguish real security events from false positives. In the case of an event, we work to understand the problem, define a plan of action, and support your team in remediation.

Reduce Complexity and Security Tool Sprawl

Maintaining secure network traffic flows is complex, with procuring, deploying, and integrating multiple solutions such as firewalls and VPN appliances. SASE replaces this patchwork of policies, siloed point solutions, and strategies with a cohesive approach that eliminates headaches while reducing costs.

SASE decreases your reliance on network hardware, shifting network expenses to OpEx and reducing costs through savings such as reducing VPN licenses.

Shift away from disparate point solutions from multiple vendors, and consolidate, resulting in less room for error, with fewer gaps, as well as reduced costs.

SASE’s centralized administrative interface makes it much easier to manage corporate security and network policies, reducing tool sprawl and alert fatigue. Spend time effectively defending against threats, not managing disparate tools.

Heighten Security Consistent with Zero Trust Model

SASE realigns your architecture to match your modern workforce – putting the security stack in front of the cloud. Securely access apps from multiple third parties and cloud providers.

SASE enables consistent enforcement of zero trust policies across the entire IT infrastructure without putting any extra burden on security teams.

With tools such as XYZ, SASE focuses on identity, expressly authenticating and authorizing all users and devices before granting access to any resources.

Security policy enforcement becomes distributed to the level of users, devices, and applications, with continuous authentication and authorization to verify use regardless of where they’re hosted.

SASE provides adaptive access to resources, continually assessing for risky or anomalous behavior. If the user, device, or session displays any anomalies, automatic and dynamic adjustments to access levels can be implemented.

Securely Empower Remote Workers

Built for the new work model, SASE is a lightweight and cost-effective way to enable secure connectivity and stability for remote workers. Securely connect remote users with applications and systems to solve for today’s multi-site, decentralized workforce, incorporating cloud apps.

With Netrix Managed SASE, you can cope with the increased attack surface without relinquishing control. Consistently enforce security policies for accessing the Internet, SaaS apps, and internally hosted resources — regardless of user location.

Increase network efficiency while securely solving for anywhere, anytime access – from remote workers and branch offices to corporate HQ. Meet the high bandwidth requirements for reliable, clear video conferences.

Optimize Your Network and Achieve Better Visibility

SASE improves network visibility, reducing blind spots and helping expose risky shadow IT across your environment. Integrating solutions like CASB, FWaaS, and SD-WAN provides much better visibility into network traffic across users, applications, devices, and locations. This visibility empowers organizations to proactively block any unsanctioned applications before they lead to security incidents.

With more efficient network management, you can determine how to prioritize which apps are accessed most frequently in order to effectively prioritize, removing bottlenecks.

With improved visibility, you can maintain network security, refine and enforce security policies, and better detect threats.

Start Your SASE Journey with a Managed Solution That Enables Speed and Agility

SASE is comprised of many different technologies, security frameworks, and vendors. The transformation from legacy perimeter controls to converged, cloud-based SASE capabilities is best viewed as a journey to strategically undertake, rather than an instant transformation.

SASE’s complexity calls for a managed solution to provide organizations with the speed and agility they need to start meeting their remote security challenges today.

Netrix managed SASE service delivers not merely knowledge of cybersecurity point solutions, but end-to-end expertise. Netrix provides the deployment-ready expertise and agility needed to handle these resource-intensive undertakings and shorten your journey to SASE success.


Navigate discussions between different security and network teams to align towards a shared goal


Select technologies and frameworks to deliver a custom SASE solution based on what is best for your business needs/requirements


Deliver an end-to-end SASE solution, implementing both technology and processes


Proactive and reactive support measures to make sure your SASE solution is properly monitored and managed

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