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Strengthening Your Security Operations

We serve as your trusted cybersecurity expert, ensuring your business is always secure and protected from even the worst cyber criminals. Our services help you defend against increasing security threats and tackle challenges such as expanding attack surfaces and broken remediation processes.

Cybersecurity Challenges

Why Businesses Need to Identify Security Gaps, Mitigate Risk, and Remediate Exposure

Penetration testing is a type of ethical testing that seeks to model, real-world threats that endanger the health of your business. As part of this engagement, Netrix plays the role of a bad actor and generates breach scenarios by employing the same tools, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) currently being used by novice and advanced attackers. The goal of each engagement is to identify security gaps and issues, provide steps to reproduce any exploits, and deliver effective remediation strategies to eliminate or mitigate the identified vulnerabilities in your security posture.

Netrix Offers Cloud Penetration Testing to Help Businesses Reduce Exposure

A cloud penetration test provides a focused engagement in in which an offensive security expert mimics the actions that a real-world threat actor would take in order to compromise your organization’s cloud resources. This gives you extensive visibility into your attack surface from an outside point of view, so that you can identify all the cloud assets that you have and the vulnerabilities that exist within them.

Netrix Performs External Penetration Testing to Emulate Internet-Based Attacks

External testing targets your organization’s externally visible assets to reproduce potential threats to your network, including potential threats due to remote access. External threats are a constant concern for your business and any vulnerabilities or security gaps can be discovered with certainty with Netrix services and assessments.

Netrix Performs Internal Penetration Testing to Identify Gaps in Control

Internal testing continues where external testing leaves off by emulating malicious activity from inside the network perimeter. This necessary testing is extremely helpful in identifying internal weaknesses and emulating the extent of an insider threat.  When combined with physical testing, it is used to measure the efficacy of surveillance and access control systems, people, and processes.

Netrix Retests After Identification and Remediation of Potential Threats

Once the remediation of identified issues occurs, it’s important to validate success by retesting your environment. By combining your penetration test with retesting, we’re able to validate the effectiveness of the remediation measures and ensure they are preventing threats as intended. 

Netrix Provides Physical Testing for Additional Safeguards

Physical testing is an additional option that can be added to internal testing. Physical testing attempts to test the security controls for customer facilities by using reconnaissance, social engineering, and a number of physical security bypass techniques to gain access to controlled areas. It acts as an additional safeguard to ensure your controls are effective.

Netrix Tests Against Social Engineering to Reduce Human Threats

We offer additional options to test the awareness of your organization’s team members by conducting other measures like email phishing, social networking misuse, phone calls and more. Social Engineering threats are a daily occurrence. Bad actors do not rest!

Netrix Delivers Wireless Network Penetration Testing to Secure All Points of Entry

This optional Netrix service evaluates the technical security controls protecting your organization’s wireless infrastructure from the perspective of an attacker.

Businesses depend on the expertise of Netrix teams to ensure optimal control and identification of all types of cybersecurity threats!

Reduce Recovery Time and Limit the Impact of Cybersecurity Incidents

Mitigate the damage caused by cybersecurity incidents with our team of 24x7x365 security analysts ready and on standby to help reduce recovery time and costs, so your business can keep running seamlessly.