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Strengthening Your Security Operations

We serve as your trusted cybersecurity expert, ensuring your business is always secure and protected from even the worst cyber criminals. Our services help you defend against increasing security threats and tackle challenges such as expanding attack surfaces and broken remediation processes.

Cybersecurity Challenges

See Everything. Understand Risk. Prioritize What Matters.


We provide continuous active scanning and passive monitoring of network devices, endpoints, IOT, and cloud platforms to identify all your assets


We continuously assess all your known and previously unknown assets against the most extensive vulnerability database by Tenable


Our security analysts combine vulnerability data with threat intel and knowhow to provide actionable guidance on which vulnerabilities to fix and how

Operationalize Your Vulnerability Management

Continuous vulnerability monitoring proactively strengthens your security posture. With VMaaS, Netrix handles the ongoing, daily effort of identifying, quantifying, prioritizing, and remediating your security vulnerabilities.

Prioritize Threats and Reduce Exposure and Risk

Vulnerability management helps highlight the riskiest items, then focuses resources on the most serious issues at a point in time. Automated tools offer the deep visibility needed to shrink the time gap between knowing and acting on the vulnerabilities.

Swift Remediation Guidance

Netrix provides access to security analysts to guide you through how to remediate critical vulnerabilities quickly. Our services help you cope with the limitations in budgets and resources faced by every security program.

Eliminate Blind Spots With Comprehensive Scanning and Reporting

We also offer VMaaS capabilities for IP-based asset vulnerabilities, web application vulnerabilities, on-premises infrastructure, and public cloud infrastructure (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform).

Netrix provides in depth insights with custom executive risk and compliance dashboards.

Managed Security Services

Tight integration with our SOC is available for our XDR cybersecurity management offering, providing additional visibility, correlation, and contextual information with active events and investigations.

Reduce Recovery Time and Limit the Impact of Cybersecurity Incidents

Mitigate the damage caused by cybersecurity incidents with our team of 24x7x365 security analysts ready and on standby to help reduce recovery time and costs, so your business can keep running seamlessly.