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Recorded Webinar

Mastering Your Office Re-entry

Practices, plans, strategies, and technology that will help your employees return to the workplace safely and confidently

Webinar Overview

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are working with the commercial real estate community to ensure the path to back to the workplace is one where technology can be leveraged to provide a safe workplace, adhere to social distancing principles, and deliver consumption models across all technology stacks. In this 1-hour webinar, we will deliver specific practices and plans to help you make your workplace as safe as it can be. You’ll hear from Netrix and our guests about key additions to your office, as well as solid planning and communication to make your office safe.

Key Takeaways

  • Awareness of the “new normal”. You will see standard additions that your office will need to help make it a healthier place. 
  • Just as 9/11 created a heightened desire for office building security, COVID-19 has created a need for office health. This webinar will show you what you can do to help prevent the spread of the virus at your workplace.
  • Best practices on how to operationalize, using technology and practices to keep employees healthy.
  •  Low-cost high-impact solutions you can immediately implement to make your workspace safer and healthier.

What We’ll Cover



How can employees reduce the number of surfaces they touch? How do we avoid working at an infected surface? How do we detect a symptomatic employee? New tools and practices will help keep workplaces safe.


Employees feel more confident and comfortable if they to know the bosses care. How do we continually check in with them and ensure their voices are heard and the appropriate adjustments are made?


Are Post-it notes on cubicles the best way to keep employees safely distanced? We have tips about how to use new and existing technology to help you share data about safe distancing and staggered scheduling.


There will be a lot of changes to execute as we make our workplaces safe for our workers. We’ll provide a phased overview of what to focus on and when.

Meet the Speakers

Brian Columbus

Brian Columbus

NETRIX | Digital Workplace Expert

Brian helps organizations understand how people and technology come together and impact operational efficiencies. He empowers clients with the ever-advancing tools, and innovative technologies that are key in optimizing utilization, collaboration, user adoption, analytics, AV technology services, cloud & IT architecture. His passion is seeing that his clients get the most out of their office space with respect to employee productivity and workplace safety. By focusing on the end-user experience, Brian ensures best possible ROI.
Deborah Fuller

Deborah Fuller


As a commercial Interior Designer with over 35 years in the industry, Deborah has a passion for sustainability and providing healthy environmental solutions for her clients. This passion, guided by her integrity, creativity, and love for research, characterizes Deborah’s approach of problem solving. Her focus on workplace safety demonstrates a commitment to improve the health of occupants’ working environments. She also brings a wealth of knowledge to the topic of making workplaces safe.
Emily Strain

Emily Strain

CORGAN | Director of Workplace Strategy

Emily is a corporate interior designer with a focus on headquarters projects, office relocation, office renovation and ground up construction. Working through a framework of office safety, Emily is now setting her sights on getting the best information to clients and partners about how to make offices as safe as possible, as well building the bridge between administration and employees through effective change communication.

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