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Let's Talk About Cars for a Moment
Yes, We Do Mean Cars

Picture this. It’s the 1980’s and you’ve just walked into a Toyota manufacturing plant. You see what you’d expect, including diligent workers, protective glasses, and car parts making their way down the assembly line. What you may be a bit more surprised to see on each workstation is a big red button.  And no, that button isn’t for safety measures — though those existed too — this button served an extremely specific purpose. At any point, any time, all employees have access to hit this button and halt operations. The reason for such a costly, drastic call, was to allow employees an opportunity to raise a concern, issue, or problem and remediate the issue in real-time before that car, or any other cars, could be impacted. The goal? A dedication to continuous improvement. 


Dedication to Rapid Remediation with
The Big Red Button

Our success is solely dependent on your success. It’s our unwavering goal to ensure your business meets its objectives and that the solutions we deliver provide continuous, long-term value. That’s why Netrix Global has adopted the concept of ‘The Big Red Button’. Our various teams that interact with each account all have access to raise awareness to a service problem, technical hurdle, or missed opportunity which will (figuratively) halt the assembly line and bring in the swat team. Once pushed, our support operations and subject matter experts will meet with you to analyze the problem and create an action plan to remediate the issue before any further complications or service level issues occur. 

Jump into Action When Ransomware Strikes

When ransomware took down this national food manufacturer’s systems during an off-hours event, they needed a partner that could spring into action quickly and keep their business from further loss.

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We’re honored to have received several awards for to our industry leadership, client-centric approach, and employee satisfaction.

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