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Alane Kochems

Managing Risk with Cybersecurity Insurance

Companies are struggling to find the best way to manage risks associated with data breaches and cyber attacks. Cyber risk mitigation usually includes a robust, risk-based security program, regular assessments, and testing, but there’s no such thing as perfection. Organizations must constantly strive to thwart attackers’ efforts to penetrate their

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Outsourced IT
Michael Cass

Doing More with Less With an MSP

How Managed IT Services Can Help You Do More with Less  If you’ve kept an eye on the headlines in recent months, you may well be feeling confused. Economists, pundits, and talking heads continue to argue about whether or not we’re likely to see the much-lauded “soft landing” for which

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Data Intelligence
Chris Margraff

Becoming A Data Driven Business

Becoming a Data-Driven Organization, Part One Across industries and around the world, organizations are trying to make effective use of data, analytics, and AI. In many cases, this is easier for young, digital-native companies, but it’s certainly possible for any organization that’s willing to invest in acquiring the right tools,

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David Menichello

2023 Cybersecurity Trends

Netrix’s 2023 Cybersecurity Outlook Survey: Top 7 Takeaways With economic uncertainty on the horizon, cybersecurity threats mounting, and the ongoing popularity around distributed work, many of today’s businesses are challenged to build the right security strategy—one that will meet the needs of their current workforce while preparing the business for

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Rob Wilkinson

SEC’s Proposed New Rules on Cybersecurity Risk Management & Disclosure

Public companies that are subject to the reporting requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 might soon face additional new requirements. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is proposing rules to enhance and standardize disclosures regarding cybersecurity risk management, strategy, governance, and cybersecurity incident reporting. Sunlight is the Best

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