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Application Innovation
Rich Lilly

Simplify Data Protection and Compliance with Microsoft Purview

Around the world, regulators are continuing to step up their efforts to protect data privacy rights. National governments and multinational entities like the European Union are passing a growing number of laws that resemble Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a framework detailing how individuals’ personal information must be handled

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Modern Work
Satyendra Sharma

Enhance Teams meetings with Microsoft Teams Premium

Take Your Microsoft Teams Meetings to the Next Level with Teams Premium Whether you work in the office, from home, on the road, or—if you’re like most of us these days—in some combination of all three, it’s likely that collaboration software is something you can’t live without. It wasn’t always

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David Menichello

Managing Cybersecurity Risk During Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A Cybersecurity When it comes to cybersecurity risk, mergers and acquisitions simultaneously present challenges and opportunities. Organizations typically seek to acquire a target in order to augment their capabilities, expand their market reach or reduce competition. But if the acquirer doesn’t assess the financial, operational, or reputational risks involved carefully

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Paul Walczak

Netrix/neat: Android For Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android (MTRoA): Ready for Prime Time? Hybrid work is no longer new, but it’s still the working model of choice for a large number of employees and organizations. In fact, recent research shows that a full 52% of U.S.-based employees with jobs that can be done

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Data Intelligence
Netrix Global

Microsoft Inspire 2023 – Accelerating AI Transformation

Microsoft Inspire 2023, Microsoft’s annual partner conference, took place digitally July 18-19, with some in person sessions the following week. The various exciting announcements reflect Microsoft’s commitment to accelerating AI transformation, driving customer success, and fueling partner business growth and profitability. We have covered a few highlights here. While many

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Cloud Infrastructure
Satyendra Sharma

Emerging AI-Driven Productivity Tools: Boosting Focus and Engagement

From Wall Street to the back office, artificial intelligence (AI) is among the hottest conversation topics of 2023. Among IT leaders and business stakeholders alike, there’s tremendous buzz about this emerging technology’s potential to streamline operations, improve productivity, and help employees work more efficiently. Many of these discussions have centered

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