Koibanx Improves AWS Infrastructure, Robotize Automations Reduce Costs & Save Time

Success Story Highlights

Significant Cost Reduction & Deadlines Met 

The project was completed within three months, as planned. Koibanx reduced AWS costs by as much as 30%.  

Automation & Concrete Cloud Boundaries 

Robotize Control Tower automates AWS account governance, increasing efficiency and reducing errors. Users can only manage accounts securely according to policy. 

Eliminating Manual Efforts to Save Time 

With a substantial reduction in daily workload, everything can be handled by two people. 

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The Client

Koibanx is the leading tokenization and Blockchain payments platform in Latin America, with a track record of more than seven years, and “real-world” gateways that bridge the traditional financial system with the Web3 ecosystem. Tokenization and on/off ramps are made available within the regulatory framework for each country in the region. 

The Challenge

As Koibanx grew, both acquiring more clients and offering more products, it became increasingly difficult to remain organized, neat, and methodical. The team was overloaded and struggling to maintain everything. Additionally, the team lacked sufficient AWS expertise internally.  

Koibanx was struggling as their rapid growth caused operational complexity and a need for consolidation of their cloud environment, which consisted of nearly thousands of services running on hundreds of AWS instances. The company hosted numerous separate accounts for each of their customers, which included banks, as well as different environments such as development and production. Although the environment functioned, it required efficiency improvements, as manual interventions were needed for every deployment and modification.  

Koibanx needed to centralize organization of AWS resources to improve governance and management of policies and costs. Specifically, the company needed to automate much of the work required to manage the infrastructure, reducing the need for a large team. 

Experience The Impact

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