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Mobilize Extracts Value from Data with Analytics, Boosting Revenue Growth

Success Story Highlights

Helps Revenue Engine 

Mobilize has a much more advanced product to sell, helping win more deals, upsell, and cross sell.

Secure, Efficient, Reliable Infrastructure 

Netrix delivered redundancy and High Availability, plus the ability to implement and test changes before moving to production.

Optimized Costs 

With serverless functions, Mobilize pays only for what is being used.
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The Client

The Mobilize platform helps organizations build communities of trust, connect people, and unlock human potential. Organizations such as trade associations and international enterprises rely on Mobilize to build professional networks, helping members feel more productive.

The Challenge

In 2018, Mobilize sought to migrate their infrastructure to AWS to build a more dynamic environment that could enable the company to move up market, and move faster.

Mobilize collects metrics from their platform using Segment, a customer data platform, which populates a data lake formed by S3 buckets and an Amazon EMR cluster. The company sought to gain insights based on the data lake and generate reports and analytics to present to their customers.

Experience The Impact

No matter what challenge you’re facing today, our team of technical experts can get you started on a path to a better solution. We’ll partner with you to: 

  • Understand your current technology environment
  • Interview key stakeholders to understand the root of the business issue(s)
  • Propose a solution with projected timelines, budget, and dependencies