How Managed IT Services Can Enable Lean Growth During Challenging Economic Times

In today’s world, how well businesses are able to leverage technology increasingly determines their chances of success. That’s why it’s not always the right answer to cut IT costs when faced with a challenging economic landscape. Download this guide to learn how leveraging technology and the right IT partners can help you meet aggressive growth goals even when in times of turmoil. 

How To Know If You're Getting the Most Possible Value from Your IT Spending

During periods of constrained growth, it’s especially important to maximize the value that your technology investments are delivering. And it may be wise to shift away from capital expenditures (CapEx) towards operational expenditures (OpEx) so that your costs are more predictable. Predictable cost models also make it easier to collect the granular, accurate metrics that you’ll need to determine whether your IT investments are in fact generating their intended value for the business.


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