BYMA Modernizes Argentina Stock Exchange Services with Cloud and Data Strategy

The customer

BYMA is a new Stock Exchange that integrates and represents the main players in Argentina’s securities market. Through an agile, modern, and competitive platform, it provides greater transparency and liquidity for a growing market. BYMA is the necessary evolution for the country’s development, in connection with global markets and investors.

Integrated under a cutting-edge technological platform, following main worldwide markets’ quality and security standards, BYMA offers organizations, companies, and the general public safe and transparent access to the investment world.

BYMA is the evolution of the Argentine Capital Market, combining liquidity, know-how and expertise to tackle today’s challenges and demands, since it drives investment into job opportunities and country development.

The challenge

In the context of a comprehensive migration project to AWS, the BYMA Innovation team reached out to Netrix to further progress their Data Strategy. Netrix provided Data Roadmap that contemplated a long-term evolution of BYMA’s data usage. BYMA’s vision is to become a truly data-driven service for all of their users.

Becoming a data-driven organization requires a long-term, end-to-end data modernization project. Netrix Global is supporting this evolution and BYMA’s innovation efforts. Accomplishing this is crucial for their business transformation, which has several modernization pillars that BYMA and Netrix have been executing back-to-back for over a year.

The solution

To truly understand BYMA’s needs, Netrix Global delivered a Datalake Immersion Day for the client’s Innovation team, where they were able to confirm their vision to upgrade their data, analytics systems and products. Netrix Global developed a Strategic Data Roadmap with clear stages for BYMA to evolve their capabilities along the way, as the idea was not only to provide BYMA with guidance and tools, but also train their teams to leverage all the data solutions to their maximum capacity. The first stage, for foundations and adoption, allowed BYMA to build on their history of data analysis. The roadmap makes sense because it allows BYMA to adopt solutions as they progress their skillset in line with this. The roadmap is not carved in stone, yet it provides a guideline on how to progress and can be adapted to stay in line with client’s priorities.

During the first stages of the project, there were some challenges given the gap of technical knowledge between BYMA’s innovation team and Netrix’s data intelligence team: Netrix Global prompted an IT transformation project that will enable BYMA’s team to evolve along the way as well, Netrix works as an extended arm of BYMA’s team, rather than working as an outsourced vendor.

The Results

Netrix Global works as BYMA’s trusted advisor in their comprehensive transformation and modernization project. Following the roadmap but also adapting to business needs and changes. The process has provided BYMA a solid foundation of documentation to adapt and model data for a broader organization system’s adoption in record times.

The completed stages of this data transformation project include (1) strategy design, cloud foundations, data modernization, (2) comprehensive datalake, data ingest models, CI/CD, ETL pipelines for new system adoption, Robotize control tower adoption. Next steps include further modernization to adapt to new systems, grow BYMA’s datalake with SAP data, and applying machine learning to leverage datalake to the fullest.

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