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Securing Growth: Reinforces Solvers IT Security

Solver Securing Growth: How Netrix Reinforced Solver’s IT Infrastructure and Security for Strategic Expansion Explore our collaboration with Solver, a key player in Corporate Performance Management. Our partnership aimed to strengthen Solver’s IT infrastructure and improve system security, laying the groundwork for accelerated business growth. This case study presents the

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Dude Products

DUDE PRODUCTS DUDE Products Relies on Netrix Global for Cybersecurity, Enabling Greater Focus on Innovation The Client DUDE Wipes was founded by lifelong friends out of their apartment in Chicago in 2011. Their origin story is not like most companies. This brand was born out of late-night sessions over beers,

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National Food Manufacturer

A Midwest-based national food manufacturer suffered a ransomware attack in February 2021. While IT technicians should have been home watching one of America’s most beloved sporting events, they were instead scrambling to identify and fend off the attack after a user with executive-level systems permissions opened an email and clicked on a virus infected attachment.

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Healthcare Company

When the Director, Cyber Security Operations began working at the company, he uncovered tremendous gaps in the security operations. The SIEM solution was analyzing too little data and yet the team was overwhelmed with alerts and noise.

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