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Gador implements 24x7 monitoring of pharma production lines with AWS IoT services for enhanced analytics

The Client

Gador is a leading Argentinian pharmaceutical company founded in 1940. They focus on providing high-quality, affordable medications for people’s health. Their products are trusted by millions of patients worldwide.

The Challenge

In line with their innovative culture, Gador embarked on an Industry 4.0 project to connect their production lines directly to the cloud, where production data would be stored, processed and used to improve analytics capabilities.

The Solution

The primary goal was to maximize production output while maintaining high-quality standards and minimizing resource waste. Integration of IoT sensors and real-time data analytics was key to allow immediate adjustments to production processes, driven by insightful and predictive analytics.

The first step was to collect, organize, and store Gador’s industrial data in AWS in an operational data store for “hot” data (frequently accessed) and an industrial data lake for “warm/cold” data (infrequently accessed). This allowed defining virtual assets and asset hierarchies to provide structure and context to the data. With this simplified data collection process, Gador gained new insights of their operational metrics from all data sources.

The project had two main stages: first, the installation of an AWS communication gateway (Greengrass) that communicates with the line processors via the OPC UA protocol. In turn, this gateway communicates with AWS cloud services through a secure and encrypted connection. Secondly, process data is ingested using the Firehose data stream service, which performs buffering and then stores the raw data in an S3 bucket.

This has allowed Gador to leverage data insights faster and thus make more timely business decisions, a strategy they will soon expand to process commercial data in the same datalake in the AWS cloud.

Key Deliverables

  • Cloud Integration of Industrial Devices: Industrial devices were successfully connected to the AWS Cloud using AWS IoT services for Gador, enabling seamless data transmission and real-time communication between devices and the cloud infrastructure.
  • Data Lake Construction: A centralized data lake was built on AWS, facilitating efficient data management and accessibility for Gador. This robust repository supported advanced analytics and housed streaming data from various IoT sensors.
  • Real-Time Anomaly Detection: Sophisticated analytics on streamed data enabled near real-time anomaly detection, directly boosting productivity by allowing for immediate corrective actions to prevent potential downtimes.
  • Visualization Dashboards: Intuitive visualization dashboards using Tableau were developed for Gador, providing real-time operational insights and empowering decision-makers to continuously optimize production.
  • Cost Reduction in Data Storage and Processing: By optimizing data storage solutions and streamlining data processing workflows within AWS, we achieved significant reductions in data storage costs and processing times for Gador.
  • Improved Data Availability: Before the project, it took 24hours for data to become available; with the new solution, data is now accessible every 4 hours, significantly enhancing decision-making speed and responsiveness.

Technology Stack

  • AWS IoT Core: Secure, scalable connection of IoT devices.
  • AWS Lambda: Serverless computing handled data processing, allowing for dynamic scaling.
  • Amazon Kinesis: Managed real-time data streams.
  • Amazon Athena: provides a simplified and flexible way to analyze petabytes of data Amazon S3: Provided cost-effective data storage.
  • Tableau: Delivered powerful business intelligence and dashboarding capabilities.

The IoT sensors on Gador’s production machinery captured critical data points, transmitted to AWS IoT Core. Data flowed through AWS Lambda to Amazon Kinesis for processing, enabling near real-time anomaly detection. Insights were stored in Amazon S3 and visualized through Tableau dashboards every 4 hours.

Key Takeaways

The adoption of an Industry 4.0 strategy will improve Gador’s ability to do predictive maintenance and remote asset management. With data now stored directly in a datalake in the AWS cloud, the client significantly reduced the cost of licenses and consumption of energy for on-premises servers.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Timely adjustments based on real-time data to reduce machine downtime and optimized production rates for Gador.
  • Reduced Costs: More efficient data handling to lower storage and processing costs.
  • Faster Insights: The shift from 24-hour to 4-hour data availability improves responsiveness to operational issues and decision-making processes.

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