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Empowering A Data-Driven Culture

We make your data actionable by assessing, developing, and managing your business-critical databases and visualizing performance trends so you can make smarter business decisions.

Data Intelligence Challenges

Companies are leveraging the cloud more than ever to take advantage of modern data management and implement innovative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms. These strategies ultimately improve business decision making processes, creating more agile, effective, and profitable organizations.

Operational Excellence

Run and monitor systems, continually improving processes and procedures.


Establish controls to detect security events, protecting information systems.


Ensure workloads are performing as intended and can recover quickly from failure.


Structure and streamline the allocation of IT and computing resources.

Cost Optimization

Avoid unnecessary costs with reporting and optimization measures.


Minimize the environmental impact of running cloud workloads.

How Data Lake in a Box Works


We start by conducting a review of the six pillars and scope of the evaluation to ensure the engagement provides optimal value.


Based on the information collected, we estimate construction efforts and deliver a scope for your review.


We build the data lake and connect the data sources based on the scope established and validate performance.


In the final stage we review the next steps for leveraging your new data lake and explore use cases of what's possible.

Why Partner with Netrix Global?

Netrix Global has AWS in its DNA and can help you quickly and cost-effectively tap into the power of their web native architecture and services. We are accredited as a managed services provider and have the ability to deploy and run AWS services the way that AWS intended by leveraging the well architected framework.

Get Started Towards Leveraging All That AWS Has to Offer

We work with clients across all cloud adoption stages, AWS tech stacks, and business challenges to deliver the outcomes that will drive their business forward. Get in touch today and let’s hear how you want to best leverage AWS.