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Delivering Your Ideal Cloud Strategy
We eliminate the headache of cloud management, so you can focus on growing your business. By partnering with us, you can realize the full benefits of the public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions, while ensuring it’s always secure, agile, cost-efficient, and operates based on your specific needs.
Cloud Challenges

Through the well-architected program, we help organizations establish good architectural habits, reduce risk, and respond faster to changes that affect solution design, application development and management, and workloads. We have certified experts in building high-quality AWS solutions, implementing best practices, checking the state of workloads, and making improvements to fit business and their customer needs.

By getting started with an AWS Well-Architected Assessment, you can identify and remove high-risk issues in workloads and on the go, making room for innovation. You can also save time, reduce costs, and drive efficiency through fact-based improvement plans that track and improve workload compliance. 

About The Well-Architected Framework

The AWS Well-Architected Framework describes key concepts, design principles, and architectural best practices for designing and running workloads in the cloud. By leveraging this framework as a foundation of our AWS cloud services, we provide a secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for even your most business-critical applications and workloads. 

Operational Excellence

Run and monitor systems, continually improving processes and procedures.


Establish controls to detect security events, protecting information systems.


Ensure workloads are performing as intended and can recover quickly from failure.


Structure and streamline the allocation of IT and computing resources.

Cost Optimization

Avoid unnecessary costs with reporting and optimization measures.


Minimize the environmental impact of running cloud workloads.

How the Assessment Works

The Well-Architected Assessment works to benchmark your cloud infrastructure and processes against best practices and provides a roadmap to optimize costs and remediate inefficiencies and risks, as well as improve resilience and ensuring a sustainable use of cloud resources. Each assessment follows a four-step process, including:


We start by conducting a review of the six pillars and scope of the evaluation to ensure the engagement provides optimal value.


We meet with stakeholders across IT, leadership, and finance to fully understand your current state, challenges, and business goals.

Data Analysis

We then collect data and analyze your cloud environments, building an actionable roadmap to bridge identified gaps and resolve issues.


The engagement concludes with the delivery of our executive summary, a detailed roadmap, and an action plan for how to transform your AWS infrastructure.

Why Partner with Netrix Global?

Netrix Global has AWS in its DNA and can help you quickly and cost-effectively tap into the power of their cloud architecture and services. We hold multiple accreditations and have helped drive the transformation for a number of companies that were born in the cloud or just starting their journey.

Get Started Towards Leveraging All That AWS Has to Offer

We work with clients across all cloud adoption stages, AWS tech stacks, and business challenges to deliver the outcomes that will drive their business forward. Get in touch today and let’s hear how you want to best leverage AWS.