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Empowering A Data-Driven Culture

We make your data actionable by assessing, developing, and managing your business-critical databases and visualizing performance trends so you can make smarter business decisions.

Data Intelligence Challenges

Helping You Tackle Even the Most Challenging Business Issues

Turn your data into valuable business insights by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) from AWS into your operations. Our AWS experts can help you add AI capabilities to the business applications you already use today to address a variety of common – and even the most critical – business challenges. With the power of AWS services backed by our cross-functional teams of data, cloud, and application engineers, we can guide you on the best path towards leveraging data to drive innovation. 

Infrastructure Optimized for Machine Learning

Run your data initiatives on high-performance and low-cost instances optimized for machine learning.

Building Solutions That Solve Any Challenge

Build AI and ML solutions that enhance customer experiences, enable smarter decision making, and drive your business growth.

A Partner You Can Trust to Advise, Build, and Manage

Explore AWS AI and ML capabilities with the help of our certified AWS data engineers and supporting services.

Get Started with Data Lake in a Box

Companies that implement Data Lakes outperform their peers when it comes to innovation and revenue growth thanks to their ability to generate business value from their critical data. Those who leverage data lakes effectively can identify and act upon opportunities faster, such as new artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

Start exploring AI and ML solutions today by building a centralized data repository via our Data Lake in a Box engagement.  During this engagement, we can quickly get you on the path to leveraging machine learning to uncover critical business insights and drive business growth faster by attracting and retaining customers, boosting productivity, proactively maintaining devices, and making informed decisions.

Why Partner with Netrix Global?

Netrix Global has AWS in its DNA and can help you quickly and cost-effectively tap into the power of their cloud architecture and services. We hold multiple accreditations and have helped drive the transformation for a number of companies that were born in the cloud or just starting their journey.

End to End Data and Machine Learning

  • Data Strategy
  • Data Lake in Box
  • Serverless data integration with AWS GLUE
  • Machine Learning and Generative AI Use Cases
  • Robotize MLOps
  • Get Started Towards Leveraging All That AWS Has to Offer

    We work with clients across all cloud adoption stages, AWS tech stacks, and business challenges to deliver the outcomes that will drive their business forward. Get in touch today and let’s hear how you want to best leverage AWS.