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About Mobilize

In 2018, Mobilize sought to migrate their infrastructure to AWS to build a more dynamic environment that could enable the company to move up market, and move faster.  

Mobilize collects metrics from their platform using Segment, a customer data platform, which populates a data lake formed by S3 buckets and an Amazon EMR cluster. The company sought to gain insights based on the data lake and generate reports and analytics to present to their customers. 

Mobilize partnered with Netrix to build the data infrastructure required to extract value from their existing data lake. 

About Koibanx

As Koibanx grew, both acquiring more clients and offering more products, it became increasingly difficult to remain organized, neat, and methodical. The team was overloaded and struggling to maintain everything. Additionally, the team lacked sufficient AWS expertise internally. 

Koibanx chose Netrix due to their AWS expertise, customer service, and responsiveness. What we loved about the Netrix proposal is that Netrix planned to build an automated solution made with code. Robotize Control Tower turned out to be a great differentiator from what other companies offered because it allowed us to do the job faster and without such heavy, manual processes. Since we were looking to maximize our efficiency and reduce our margin of error, we thought it was a great idea to work with a solution integrally made with code,” said Andrés Nicolás, Head of Security, Technology, & Infrastructure, Koibanx. 

About Fashiola

FASHIOLA was struggling with an aging on-premises infrastructure and needed to migrate to AWS to obtain a more efficient and secure infrastructure. Benjamín Hernández, Senior Developer, FASHIOLA, explained, “We had a product very anchored in the past. Our physical servers were unreliable and prone to error.”

Javier Pérez Requejo, CTO, FASHIOLA, had a good experience previously working with Netrix at another organization. Netrix presented a project plan that allowed FASHIOLA to tackle the migration in phases, learning along the way and adapting to the new environment.

“We were most confident in Netrix from the first moment,” said Mr. Pérez Requejo. 

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