Netrix Global Accelerates FASHIOLA's AWS Migration, Reducing Costs & Response Times

Success Story Highlights

Robotize Solutions Save Time with Automation & Standardization 

Robotize solutions provide automation and standardization, saving time by minimizing engineering efforts and securing accounts with policy enforcement.  

Costs Reduced 50% Over On-Prem in Less than a Month 

Netrix used Terraform, Infracost, Reserved Instances and more to manage AWS infrastructure, reducing costs 50% over on-premises. 

Migrated Faster Than Planned with No Business Disruption 

Migration was complete without any downtime and in less than two and a half months, 15 days sooner than initially planned. 

New Scalable, Efficient Infrastructure and Faster Response Times 

FASHIOLA’s AWS migration achieved scalability, resiliency, and improved response times, including a 10% reduction in latency between the client and the application. 

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The Client

FASHIOLA and its Dutch platform, Kleding, aggregates online offers from a wide range of fashion brands and multi-brand stores. The fashion search engine helps users find specific pieces, then redirects them to online stores for purchase. FASHIOLA has partnered with over 100 online shops. The company was founded in 2012 in the Netherlands and is based in Pozuelo de Alarcon, Spain. The platform is present in twenty-three countries and receives more than 70 million visits per year. 

The Challenge

FASHIOLA was struggling with an aging on-premises infrastructure and needed to migrate to AWS to obtain a more efficient and secure infrastructure. Benjamín Hernández, Senior Developer, FASHIOLA, explained, “We had a product very anchored in the past. Our physical servers were unreliable and prone to error.” 

Additionally, FASHIOLA’s on-premises infrastructure included large databases that were in older, customized versions, no longer supported by Amazon RDS, which added complexity to their migration. FASHIOLA needed a partner to re-architect and migrate various databases and services to AWS, including RabbitMQ, MariaDB, Apache Solr, and multiple microservices hosted on-premises. 

FASHIOLA required the agility of the cloud to remain competitive in the ever-changing and evolving fashion industry. Additionally, the company needed to make the move quickly, without suspending service, which would result in an economic loss for FASHIOLA. 

Experience The Impact

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