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Your business depends on data, which means it depends on data governance and security.

Despite a growing number of security vendors and a rise in organizational budgets, the year 2023 witnessed over 5 billion data security breaches, indicating persistent vulnerabilities in safeguarding sensitive information.

Protecting your company’s data is no simple task, especially when it’s distributed across multiple clouds, applications, and geographies. Stay ahead of these threats, assess your risk quickly, and improve security effectiveness with our Netrix data security operations.

of organizations are increasing security spending through 2025
> 1 %
of IT leaders face significant data security and governance challenges
1 %
of security pros said their top priorities were data security related initiatives
0 %

Safeguard your business data and stay one step ahead

Global network

Detect and Manage Data Threats

Quick and comprehensive assessment for your organization’s data risk and protection standards to drive actionable steps and strategies to prevent threats.

Empower Your Team to Protect Data

Improve your data quality to build trust, maintain compliance, and simplify decision-making across the business.
Password encryption

Secure Your Remote or Hybrid Workforce

Simplify network management and security capabilities to meet the challenges of digital business transformation, edge computing, and workforce mobility.

Create a Responsible AI Strategy

Extend your data privacy, security, and governance programs into your use of AI  to demonstrate trust.
Password encryption

Understand Your Vulnerabilities

Proactively scan and monitor your security environment with regular reporting on exposures and security risks, and 24x7 dashboard access.

Expert Data Security Leadership

Gain strategic guidance to help you implement and maintain practical, effective security programs that are aligned with your risk tolerance and business strategy.

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