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Level 1: Building Your Data Governance Strategy to Win

Meet The Presenters

Mike Engels

Director of Strategic Services

Mike sits at the intersection of strategic services, delivering fractional CIO and CISO services and known for his expertise in regulatory compliance, risk identification and remediation, and identity and access management. 

Jared Burnett

Microsoft Security Solutions Architect

Jared specializes in Microsoft Security, focusing on the design, implementation, and configuration of tools like Microsoft Purview and educating clients on best practices to achieve optimal ROI from their compliance tools.  

Data Governance: A Cornerstone of Modern Business Strategy

The webinar is hosted by Mike Engels and Jared Burnett, who discuss the importance of designing and implementing a data governance strategy, understanding the risks associated with unmanaged data, and managing security and compliance with tools like Microsoft Purview.

Key points from the webinar include:

  • The definition and significance of data governance in ensuring data quality, availability, usability, integrity, and security.
  • The challenges faced by organizations in aligning data governance with business goals, overcoming cultural resistance, and balancing data accessibility with security and privacy.
  • Strategies for starting a data governance program, including identifying data assets, defining goals, building a team, selecting a framework, and documenting policies.
  • The role of Microsoft Purview in auditing risk, tagging data, applying restrictions, and tracking compliance to regulations and standards.
  • The benefits of using Microsoft Purview for data governance, such as simplified management, robust protections, and compatibility with third-party tools.

This session is part one of a longer series covering all aspects of data governance and Microsoft Purview and emphasizes that data governance is a cornerstone of modern business strategy, enabling better decision-making and compliance with regulations. 

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