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Embracing the Cloud: Mitigating VMWare Subscription Concerns and Maximizing Cost Savings

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses are constantly challenged to optimize their operations while managing costs effectively. Recently, concerns have arisen regarding the new VMWare subscription license structure and bundling, leaving many organizations apprehensive about potential cost escalations. However, amidst these uncertainties, there lies a golden opportunity to explore the vast benefits of migrating to the cloud.

Every day, we hear from customers expressing valid concerns about the looming costs associated with VMWare’s new subscription model. With more than 90% of enterprises relying on VMWare services and a staggering 80% of workloads running on VMWare according to IDC, the impact of these changes cannot be understated. For those considering a shift to the cloud, there’s no better time than the present to explore alternative solutions. suggests that IT buyers should consider adopting a dual-vendor approach to mitigate risks associated with vendor lock-in. Many VMWare customers are already exploring alternative or dual-sourced solutions, particularly for new projects, to diversify their options and minimize dependencies.

At Netrix, we understand the importance of navigating these transitions smoothly. Our Microsoft Azure and AWS migration experts are here to guide you through the process, offering insights and support tailored to your specific needs. Moreover, to help alleviate additional impacts to your budget and facilitate a smooth journey to the provider of your choosing, we are able to identify funding opportunities from both Microsoft Azure and AWS that can often times dramatically reduce your upfront costs. 

Some organizations are bracing for significant increases, up to 1200%, in VMWare license costs. However, by embracing cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure and AWS, you can not only mitigate these concerns but also unlock substantial cost savings. We’re committed to helping you understand the potential cost savings and benefits of making a move, ensuring a seamless and financially advantageous migration experience.

If you’re grappling with VMWare subscription concerns or considering a move to the cloud, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Let’s connect and explore how we can optimize your IT infrastructure, drive efficiency, and maximize cost savings in the cloud era.


Michael Cass

Michael Cass is Director, Managed Services Enablement at Netrix Global with over two decades on the job in various roles supporting our Outsourced IT and Managed Service products.