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Get Back to Focusing on Patient Care with Our
Behavioral Health EMR, SAMMS

SAMMS is our proprietary, turn-key Behavioral Health EMR that includes clinical, medical, and financial features to schedule and dispense medication, manage inventory, navigate clinical workflows, and full revenue cycle management – all in a single system allowing clinicians more time for direct service delivery. Offered as a cloud-hosted application, SAMMS provides clinics with remote access and optional monitoring and backup services. SAMMS is highly customizable and can be tailored to fit existing clinic processes. 


SAMMS manages treatment episodes from intake to discharge by utilizing configurable workflows and customizable forms to track clinical documentation, appointments, schedules, patient holds, compliance alerts, and ASAM criteria compliant treatment plans and assessments.


SAMMS provides a dispensing system for any medication with DEA compliant inventory tracking as well as prescription management and administration of Office Based Opioid Treatment programs. The HL7 module integrates with labs for the submission, tracking, and reporting of laboratory results.

Revenue Cycle Management

SAMMS includes a fully integrated revenue cycle management module for real-time claim, eligibility, and authorization processing. The RCM module provides the option to self-manage the revenue cycle or take advantage of the Netrix RCM as a Service (RCMaaS) offering, enabling Netrix billing experts to maximize your revenue.

Compliance & Reporting

SAMMS offers a comprehensive set of both standard and customizable reports for the management of day-to-day information. With a real-time business intelligence dashboard, SAMMS can configure multi-level data views and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) allowing you to better track compliance and performance metrics.

Advisory Services

We offer a comprehensive consultative approach for managing clinical workflows and optimizing internal processes. Whether you are looking to reduce intake times, speed up patient check-in, or identify opportunities for improving performances, our team will work with you to develop and execute a plan for success.


Integrate SAMMS with your TetraVX and Microsoft phone systems to evolve the way your clinic operates. By automatically retrieving SAMMS records when a patient calls, your staff will have easy access to patient information in real-time. You can also enable mass notifications to patients and staff and automatically divert or re-route calls based on patient data.


Healthcare Technology That's Deployed Quickly and Managed 24x7

Quickly provision all the technology you need to run your clinic in a fully automated, and fully managed approach. We can deploy the voice, desktop, application, and network solutions you need to run your office and fully manage your entire environment with our 24x7x365 service desk and technical operations center. Optimize your SAMMS deployment and consolidate your cloud technology sourcing with our healthcare-specialized engineering teams. 

Start On the Path To Better Patient Care

No matter what challenge you’re facing today, our team of technical experts can get you started on a path to a better solution. We’ll partner with you to: 

  • Understand your current technology environment
  • Interview key stakeholders to understand the root of the business issue(s)
  • Propose a solution with projected timelines, budget, and dependencies