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Flawed CrowdStrike Security Update Causes Global Disruption

BLOG ARTICLE On July 19, 2024, a widespread outage caused by a flawed CrowdStrike security update for Windows devices led to significant disruptions across the globe, impacting airlines, banks, media outlets, and various companies. This unexpected event left travelers stranded at major US airports, including JFK and LAX. For businesses,

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Level 1: Building Your Data Governance Strategy to Win

WEBINAR Meet The Presenters Mike Engels Director of Strategic Services Mike sits at the intersection of strategic services, delivering fractional CIO and CISO services and known for his expertise in regulatory compliance, risk identification and remediation, and identity and access management. MEET WITH THIS EXPERT VIEW FULL PROFILE Jared Burnett

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Embracing the Cloud: Mitigating VMWare Subscription Concerns and Maximizing Cost Savings

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses are constantly challenged to optimize their operations while managing costs effectively. Recently, concerns have arisen regarding the new VMWare subscription license structure and bundling, leaving many organizations apprehensive about potential cost escalations. However, amidst these uncertainties, there lies a golden opportunity to explore

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The AWS Connected Factory Solution: The Fast Lane to Industry 4.0

Lately, everybody’s been talking about Industry 4.0. This revolution in manufacturing technology allows machines to automate many functions such as adjusting their performance, predicting their maintenance needs, and even communicating across systems. It’s no longer just imagining factories that can run themselves, it’s Industry 4.0 that is making it possible.

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Gen AI-Driven Innovations Are Transforming Operations in Legal and Financial Services

Technology’s development has accelerated to almost supersonic speed, creating opportunities for businesses to streamline processes, enhance efficiencies, and focus their resources on the highest-value tasks. Recent advances in generative AI, in particular, are enabling organizations to build upon their existing investments in traditional AI and machine learning (ML) to add

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5 Ways Outsourcing IT Service Desk Support Can Drive Business Success

Regardless of size or industry vertical, today’s businesses thrive on reliable and secure technology. To optimize employee productivity and operational efficiencies—which, in turn, will drive profitability—your organization needs a high-performing IT environment, with applications, devices, and services that end users can rely on to get their jobs done. For this

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