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Categories: Application Innovation

The Boldt Company

Netrix seamlessly integrated The Boldt Company’s current software and data and simultaneously enhanced the system’s aesthetics and functionality. Netrix utilized XPages as a solution to layer new and improved capabilities on top of their legacy system and aligned their IT team’s updating processes with their internal and external communication.

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Healthcare Diagnostics Division

With expiring licenses and outdated legacy systems, the diagnostics division of an international leader in the medical field needed to determine how to take control of their 680 Lotus Notes applications. Netrix was able to utilize its application modernization process for the technical analysis, business process, categorization, and consolidation of their applications so when the client decided to migrate to a new platform, they would have a complete understanding of their applications and how to best migrate them.

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Transportation Company

A leading transportation and logistics service provider was looking for a better way to manage their applications during their rapid growth through acquisitions. With 32 companies merging into one organization, the company soon had more than 50 business applications to be centralized in the new business structure. To expedite the solution for readiness, Netrix utilized SharePoint to overhaul their shipping applications within their public-facing website.

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Perfection Global

It’s hard to argue with almost 60 years of growth, excellence, and strong customer relationships. And it would be easy to simply keep doing what you’re doing. But Joe Lundvick, COO and co-owner of Perfection Global in Elk Grove Village, Ill., doesn’t think that way. More importantly, he doesn’t want his team to think that way.

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Tuscaloosa County

Tuscaloosa County wanted a solution for their Automatic Vehicle Locator application that would work both short-term and for the long run, while being cost-effective and turned to Netrix for advice and support.

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