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Perfection Global Boosts Productivity - and Sales - with Business Process Automation

It’s hard to argue with almost 60 years of growth, excellence, and strong customer relationships. And it would be easy to simply keep doing what you’re doing. But Joe Lundvick, COO and co-owner of Perfection Global in Elk Grove Village, Ill., doesn’t think that way. More importantly, he doesn’t want his team to think that way.

The Client

Perfection Global performs industrial asset auctions, liquidations, surplus asset management, and appraisals for companies of all sizes, from two-man job shops to the Fortune 500.

Netrix’s business process mapping and workflow automation upgrades enabled Perfection Global to introduce a new sales lead qualifying tool, establish a more precise opportunity tracking process, and centralize it all to improve cross-selling – and closing.

The Challenge

“We were concerned that things were falling through the cracks with our processes and systems for managing our business in areas like lead tracking, customer intake, and customer relationship management,” Lundvick said. “So, we decided we needed to better understand our processes, and put process automation in place to improve our accuracy, security, and productivity.”

Lundvick engaged Netrix to first map and document all business processes at Perfection Global using Promapp®, a process mapping platform from Nintex. Over 20 business processes were mapped and captured by Netrix. Areas of improvement were identified and Microsoft Teams was implemented to close gaps and streamline workflow.

The Solution

Notes and New Business – All in One Place

Perfection Global fields hundreds of calls and emails each week from around the country and around the world, asking about auctions, used machinery inventory, and other industrial asset management services.

Lundvick said the volume and complexity of these calls require his team to be ready to capture the most important details quickly and efficiently. Follow up questions are essential to further qualify and determine fit.

“We had contacts, notes, and opportunities in multiple places, and Netrix came in with a plan to map them and organize them,” Lundvick said. “They asked good questions, listened to our stories, and got to know our business, which allowed us to develop a high level of mutual trust and understanding very quickly which made it easy to choose them and easy to work with them.”

“We know the market, and what we do best, and where we can achieve our best results,” Lundvick said. “And the new qualifying questions and scoping tools we’ve set up in Teams help us spend our time more wisely and get to ‘yes’ more quickly.”

While the biggest changes so far have been in sales, marketing, and opportunity intake, all business processes for every department of the company have been cataloged.

“Through the mapping process, Netrix has made us think more critically about every aspect of our business and how to standardize it,” Lundvick said. “The best companies in the world are successful because they have standards and processes in place that yield consistent and predictable results. That’s what drives us.”

The Result

Perfection Global’s process automation initiative has already yielded results in data management and cross-selling opportunities.

“We have hundreds of attendees at each of our online auctions, who often don’t find exactly what they’re looking for,” Lundvick said. “Now we’re mining their names and needs much more carefully and nurturing those relationships for future opportunities and sales.”

Lundvick said the Netrix team delivered as promised. Teams is a more central and flexible repository for data on leads, projects, and opportunities. The structure and insights provided by Teams has given Lundvick more peace of mind and more confidence that they can continue to scale the business successfully.

“Over our nearly 60 years in business we’ve always emphasized relationships, and this investment in business process automation reinforces our commitment to that principle,” Lundvick said. “Software can never replace our people and their relationships, but systems like Teams can help us build new and better relationships and set us up for the next 60 years of service, excellence – and growth.” – Joe Lundvick, COO and Co-Owner

  • Sales lead intake, notes, and opportunities were difficult to track and manage well.
  • Details were hard to capture, store and share.
  • New customer interviews were sometimes incomplete.
  • Comprehensively qualifying and gathering all relevant details is a priority that can be measured and monitored.
  • Company leadership has a more complete view of relationship and opportunity management.
  • Qualifying checklists and structured forms provide for better lead nurturing and customer relationship management.

Why Netrix ?

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