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Updated Legacy Project Management System, Improving UX and Reducing IT Work by 50%

The Client

Netrix seamlessly integrated The Boldt Company’s current software and data and simultaneously enhanced the system’s aesthetics and functionality. Netrix utilized XPages as a solution to layer new and improved capabilities on top of their legacy system and aligned their IT team’s updating processes with their internal and external communication.

Boldt is one of the largest professional construction services firms in the U.S. With more than 2,000 employees, the company has remained a family-owned firm that specializes in world-class construction services. Boldt’s team proudly offers Integrated Lean Project Delivery®, construction management, general construction, design/build, real estate development, program management, consulting, and technical services.  

As a nationally ranked firm with a well-known brand, Boldt’s image and workstreams became blemished by an aging and aesthetically unappealing project management system that presented clients and partners with an unfavorable impression through the outdated user interface, while creating additional layers of IT work and impeding efficient communication with their external contractors. Boldt knew it was time for improvement, so they chose Netrix to help them plan implement the update.

The Challenge

Boldt utilized a 10-year-old Lotus Domino and Notes-based management system to manage records and communicate with employees, clients, and third-party contractors through every phase of large and complicated construction projects. 

As an industry-leading construction services firm, Boldt’s outdated Domino and Notes system provided clients and partners with a poor user experience and image. The system required two cable streams, which meant any functionality changes made for internal users required development for the Web-based interface serving third-party contractors. 

Boldt needed a solution that would be more than eye-catching. It needed to be a quick and intuitive solution that enabled all parties to communicate on a single platform. A solution that made a favorable impression through its user interface and positioned the company as a leader in project management technology through improved functionality and easily managed, unilateral updates. 

The Solution

Netrix started the process by learning the structure and functionality of the current system. Weekly meetings with the client and its stakeholders throughout the project revealed that the best solution wouldn’t be one created from scratch, but rather one that leveraged the functionality the client had already developed over the previous decade with their legacy Domino and Notes system. Valuable data was already available, and it simply became a matter of optimizing back-end processes and creating user interface improvements for employees and contractors.

With a commitment to building onto the significant investment already made in their legacy system, Netrix recommended an IBM XPages solution and helped Boldt’s team understand the capabilities of the technology. 

IBM XPages, available using the most current version of Notes, was the next logical phase of the existing system. It integrated seamlessly with their current software and data and provided a way to layer new and better capabilities on top of the legacy platform so Boldt could leverage the platform they already had. 

XPages provides the same user experience for internal and external users, consolidates functionality into one platform, and enables an updated user interface. And by eliminating the need to create separate code for different platforms, the client saved valuable IT resources.

With a team of creative designers and IT professionals dedicated to this significant overhaul, Netrix customized the new XPages technology to the client’s specific requirements. At the heart of the project, Netrix enabled a single set of new code that consolidated the capabilities of the dual code streams to eliminate the need to maintain and troubleshoot two sets of code. But more importantly, it provided the same exceptional experience and communication platform to both internal and external users..

The Result

  • The legacy project management system presented an unappealing customer and partner user experience.
  • The system fostered poor communication with outside contractors.
  • Outdated, multiple platform streams required excessive and complicated IT maintenance.
  • Netrix’s update to Xpages enabled more contemporary interface displays, improving user experience and satisfaction.
  • Faster navigation and better communication across all stakeholders.
  • 50% less IT work is required due to one code stream instead of two.
  • A streamlined process and easy ability to make system upgrades and improvements.

Why Netrix?

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