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Envision: A data-driven why to create, communicate, visualize, organize and strategize in real time.

Envisioning Starts with the End User in Mind

Technology is no doubt an investment from any organization’s perspective. When thinking about the end user, understanding what technology to invest in becomes more strategic. We believe in starting with the end user, aligning technology to workflows, and using real user data to provide better recommendations for the right technology and use case. Part of our job is to balance the needs and expectations for IT leaders, business leaders, and end users. Doing this, aligns business groups and roles in understanding how best to take advantage of technology. Envisioning provides a roadmap for organizations to meet their users’ needs.

How We Do It


The purpose is to gain an understanding of the technology culture, the different ways employees use existing technology, the current perspective toward technology, and the existing workflow. Data can be collected through user community surveys, one-to-many stakeholder interviews, and/or group sessions. As part of project mobilization, Netrix will work with project sponsors to identify specific participants and set-up sessions.


The purpose of this phase is to analyze the results of the surveys and interviews and describe the current state of the collaboration environment. Any existing data or studies will also be reviewed as part of this process. Netrix will detail common themes and identify opportunities and alignment to technologies.


The final deliverable is designed to facilitate discussion and serves as a starting point for concepts, recommendations and key considerations.

Envisioning Scenarios

Netrix can envision for any end-user impacting technology initiative. These are common practice areas where we have helped clients with envisioning:


We help clients map out a blueprint for workspace technology builds and refreshes. By understanding the user needs, we can properly align technology and navigate the client to the right solution.

Microsoft 365

Clients often come to us before or during an Office 365 license evaluation. Netrix is able to leverage the data collected to establish a deep understanding of how various departments and users could maximize the investment.


Our objective is to analyze how our clients utilize their current unified communication infrastructure. Engaging the end-users to discover their day-to-day workflow, workplace culture, and collaboration tendencies, will enable us to provide an end to end, all-inclusive UCaaS experience.

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