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Cloud Security

Showcases our capability to implement comprehensive security solutions across our customers’ Microsoft Azure, hybrid, and multicloud environments.

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Identity and Access Management

Showcases and differentiates our technical capabilities to partner with customers to evaluate and deliver Microsoft Identity workloads with Azure Active Directory. 

How we support Azure Active Directory  >>

Information Protection and Governance

Showcases and validates our capability to deploy Microsoft Information Protection workloads and provide proactive information protection for our customers.

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Threat Protection

Showcases how we protect against threats and validates our capability to deploy Microsoft Threat Protection, Microsoft Cloud App Security, or Azure Sentinel workloads.  

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Modern Work

Adoption and Change Management

Showcases our extensive experience and proven success in providing adoption and change management services while driving Microsoft 365 usage and organizational change.

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Calling for Microsoft Teams

Showcases our proven expertise in deploying and managing Microsoft 365 Phone System to drive customer business value. 

How we support Microsoft Teams  >>

Meetings and Meeting Rooms for Microsoft Teams

Showcases our experience and proven success delivering Meetings and Meeting Rooms services and solutions for Microsoft Teams. 

How we support Microsoft Teams  >>

Modernize Endpoints

Showcases our expertise in delivering secure, holistic management solutions designed for the hybrid workplace. 

How we support modern endpoints >>

Teamwork Deployment

Showcases our experience and proven success deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork workloads. 

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Networking Services in Microsoft Azure

Showcases our validated capabilities designing, implementing, operating, and optimizing customers’ network architecture, cost, and security. 

How we support Azure networking >>

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

Showcases our validated technical capability in deploying, optimizing, and securing virtual desktop infrastructure on Azure with Windows Virtual Desktop. 

How we support Azure Virtual Desktop  >>


Data & AI

Migrate Enterprise Applications to Microsoft Azure

Showcases our validated expertise in migrating and deploying production web application workloads, applying DevOps practices, and managing application services in Azure. 

How we support Azure app migration >>