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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning 

Expect the Unexpected with Data Security

Be prepared for disruptive events and ensure continuity of operations with minimal service outages or downtime.  

Recover Your Critical Data and Systems Quickly

Your critical data is essential to running your business. When it’s lost – or even worse, stolen – you need to be sure you can recover that information so you can continue to thrive without losing money or clients. If your organization faced an unanticipated disaster today, would you be ready for it?

Count on Netrix’s disaster recovery and business continuity planning services to increase your data’s security. We specialize in computer, data and hard drive backup as well as system recovery. Our unique systems backup all your domain and server information and store it on a server off-site so you’ll always be able to access your data quickly, no matter the situation.

How does our business continuity planning benefit you?

Schedule regular backups

Easily access data in the event of a disaster

provide cloud contingencies

minimize downtown in case of system failure

Prevent disasters with proactive monitoring

meet compliance regulations with ease

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