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2023 Cybersecurity Outlook Research Report

Organizations continue to face a multitude of cybersecurity challenges in 2023, from a shortage of skilled workers to increasingly sophisticated cyber-threats due largely in part to advancements in artificial intelligence. Plus, with economic uncertainty looming, IT decision makers face increasing pressure to make the most of every dollar invested. Download our proprietary research report to learn how IT and security decision makers are meeting these challenges.

Concerns, Motivations, & Approaches of IT Decision Makers

We conducted this study in partnership with global online market research firm Opinions 4 Good (Op4G) to survey more than 300 cybersecurity professionals. Our goal was to learn about IT security concerns and priorities for the coming year and understand both triggers for and barriers to investing in cybersecurity solutions. The survey was designed to uncover insights to support organizations both selling and buying IT products and services. Our respondents shared fears, concerns, and obstacles, along with plans to grow and enhance their approach to security. 


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