How Mature Is Your Cybersecurity Program?

Cyber liability insurance is an important part of your cybersecurity program designed to help you pay for expenses incurred during a cybersecurity event, including business and legal fees, customer notifications, forensics experts, and recovery for compromised data. But the ability to obtain and maintain cyber insurance are based directly on the maturity of your current cybersecurity program. Download this tool to better understand the impacts that your program’s maturity has on your cybersecurity insurance and to gauge the current maturity of your program. 

How Can Cybersecurity Insurance Protect You?

Managing cyber risk requires a dual approach. First, you must harden your defenses to minimize the number of opportunities an attacker has to strike. Then, simultaneously prepare for how you will respond and recover quickly when they do find a gap. Cybersecurity insurance can serve as an added layer of protection when they do. Learn more about the benefits – and requirements – of obtaining cybersecurity insurance. 


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