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What to Expect


Our assessment introduces you to the technical and organizational requirements for adopting artificial intelligence solutions, gathers information on key business scenarios, and sets up the foundation for a successful AI deployment.

Art of the Possible

Based on real personas in your organization and business challenges you’re experiencing, we will jointly define and prioritize the top scenarios for AI to solve.

Build the Plan

Once all assessments, evaluations, and planning discussions have been completed, we’ll develop an implementation plan that covers timeline, budget, resources, and expected ROI. Our AI experts can then optionally help you implement that plan to expedite time to value.  ​

Who is this for?

  • Organizations that are exploring the capabilities and business value of AI solutions
  • The workshop audience should include business leaders, technology leaders, and knowledge workers

What do you get?

  • Current state analysis
  • Data readiness evaluation
  • Infrastructure and cloud security readiness
  • Business discovery and use case development
  • Roadmap for solution implementation