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Enhanced Website Delivers Delighted Dairy Customers and More Sales

The Client

With more than 200 products, 40 stores, and a seven-state home delivery network, Oberweis Dairy is one of the most beloved family-owned brands in the Midwest. When Oberweis wanted to improve its website and online ordering capabilities, Netrix stepped in to prioritize the upgrades and fulfill an aggressive project plan, enabling easier online orders and faster web content updates.

At Oberweis Dairy, it’s all about family.

For four generations, the Oberweis family has been making dairy products, with milk produced by family farms, that nourish and delight other families. 

From milking methods, to processing, to ingredients, every decision is guided by quality and wholesomeness. They call it the Oberweis Family Promise.

And Bruce Bedford, Ph.D., vice president of marketing, is one of the stewards of the Oberweis brand and everything it promises through its messaging, marketing, and online presence.

When Bedford and his marketing team decided to upgrade the look, feel and e-commerce functionality of the Oberweis website, Bedford selected Netrix to take over the project from another consultant that had struggled with completion.

“Our website is one of our most important selling tools in helping our customers sign up for home delivery and order what they need,” says Bedford. “Netrix brought in experienced individuals who could be helpful and productive immediately. They prioritized our to-do list and came up with a solid delivery plan we could count on.”

The Challenge

The Oberweis website is the company storyboard and storefront combined.

A company timeline outlines the history of the Oberweis family business. It also highlights the company’s commitment to working with family farms.

Transparency, quality, and deliciousness come through with easy-to-read panels that describe the milk crafting process. Finished products like ice cream, yogurt, and of course – milk, are showcased in photos designed to whet appetites and induce purchases.

In his eight years at Oberweis, Bedford has brought increased discipline to the company’s use of marketing analytics.

Promotions, offers, and the website have been carefully designed to attract milk delivery subscribers and walk-in store customers who can buy Oberweis products through its network of corporate-owned dairy stores and grocery channel partners.

“We spend a great deal on marketing to carefully selected consumers and households and our website needs to be ready for thousands of visitors and orders every year.” says Bedford. “Netrix is helping us attract and serve customers online with an improved store finder and order engine, as well as a new mobile-friendly design.”

The Solution

Bedford says the Netrix team brought expertise and value to the project as soon as they got involved.

“The Netrix consultants are very solid and easy to work with,” says Bedford. “They’ve also been able to move the project plan forward on time and as promised.”

The investment in the website is expected to yield returns in several ways.

An integrated marketing plan designed by Bedford and his team will continue to drive web traffic and new customer conversions. Order sizes should increase. And home delivery customer retention should improve as well.

Bedford says it’s also easier now for his team to update website content with new art and copy for special promotions, seasonality, and new product offerings. Product and pricing information is now consistently organized in one place across channels, so all departments are working with the latest price sheets.

“We’ve got everyone on one platform now: our customers, our customer service center, and our stores,” says Bedford. “It’s made a positive impact on our business and Netrix played a big part in making that happen.”

The Result


  • Oberweis needed to upgrade its website content and e-commerce functionality. 

  • The website was too difficult to update and didn’t sync with internal customer service and support systems. 

  • The inconsistencies weakened the user experience and reduced visibility to website performance


  • Netrix brought prioritization, discipline, and superior project management skills to the process. 

  • Home-delivery sign-ups are easier and faster to better facilitate customer service and sales. 

  • New content, photos and products can be updated or added by the Oberweis marketing team to drive promotions and new product offerings across channels. 

  • Key performance indicators such as new sign-ups, bigger orders, and higher customer retention rates should see positive gains in the future.

Experience The Impact

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