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Insurance Company Modernizes Campus, Empowering Collaboration

The Client

The client is a property and casualty insurance company in the U.S. It is one of the largest insurance companies underwriting commercial, personal, surety, and specialty lines of insurance.

This project involved modernizing the customer’s entire physical footprint and the technology that empowers onsite collaboration. The company progressed from an outdated technology footprint to a fully modernized headquarters with integrated remote offices.

The Challenge

The Insurance Company was planning a “Workplace Transformation Program,” which included renovation of their headquarters, comprised of multiple buildings, one of which was built 100+ years ago. Additionally, the company needed a digital workplace overhaul to remain competitive and empower employee productivity. The size of this project and the age of the infrastructure required the right partner to plan, execute and provide ongoing support.

Stakeholders shared five specific design principles that Netrix Global’s solutions needed to encompass:

  • Invest in the workplace as a tactical tool
  • Host employees like guests
  • Effectively balance work modes
  • Demonstrate core values in the physical space
  • Link employees to history, empower employees for the future

Scope of Project: 2400 employees, 95,000 sq. ft. new building, 335,00 sq. ft. renovation, mission critical data center, 300 conference rooms, 20 offices nationwide

The Solution

They sought a partner who could help them transform digitally by delivering the right technology, audio-visual, and collaboration capabilities, and create a flexible platform for future growth. Specifically, they required a partner with data center expertise and a demonstrated ability to understand and manage multi-disciplinary technology requirements for large, complex projects. The partner needed a track record in designing, building, and managing core and shell plus tenant improvement build outs, and capable of working within the process defined by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Finally, they sought a single partner that could bring the technology and design together and provide ongoing management and professional services and training.

Netrix Global is a trusted partner, providing in-depth knowledge of the client’s environment. This collaborative effort with internal resources to plan, execute and successfully complete this project highlights our team forward approach. From concept to completion, Netrix Global demonstrated the ability to consolidate all technology design and provide ongoing support.

The Result

The project included a new 95,000 sq. ft. building and renovation of a 335,000 sq. ft. building, upgrading power distribution and delivery, while maintaining the on-premise, mission-critical data center.

Netrix collaborated with their team to develop a roadmap, starting with a workshop evaluating existing technologies, and conducting employee focus-groups to understand their needs and pain-points. Netrix educated the client on the full spectrum of technologies available to achieve their goals, including budget ranges.


The project involved modernizing their entire physical footprint and the technology that empowers onsite collaboration. The company progressed from a lack of video conferencing, to being fully equipped, with video conferencing as a part of their culture. Netrix configured multiple types of rooms with the following capabilities:

Enclave: Suitable for up to two people with a wired HDMI connection to a small TV Huddle: A room for up to five people with a speakerphone, both wireless and wired presentation capabilities, and a “Bring Your Own Device” system

Conference Room: Audio conferencing, including tabletop microphones and ceiling speakers. Larger rooms also have video conference capabilities with TV displays of various size, including dual displays for the largest rooms.

Boardroom: Along with the audio and video conference capabilities featured in conference rooms, the Boardroom also has a voice lift system and speech reinforcement

Training Room: Features projector screens that function as audio rooms

Café: Large dining area with two projector screens. Outside vendor usage required access to connect cameras and mixing boards for live broadcasts, such as company town halls.

Banquet Hall: Audio conferencing abilities, projector screens with the ability to host fundraisers, weddings, and banquets. This gave the client the ability to divide the space, creating up to eight distinct areas. The Hall also has a small bar area with 10 TVs with cable boxes and an audio distribution system.

Netrix installed Shure microphones, Crestron control and video systems, and a Biamp audio platform. Cisco Webex as their codec video platform and Netrix installed Cisco Kit plus video conferencing equipment along with the video sound bar quad Cam.


The initial project consisted of the corporate head headquarters, with a total of 300 conference rooms, and approximately 20 service offices nationwide, each with staff ranging from 10 to 50 employees. The technology installed at the service offices was modeled after headquarters, with some of the same room types being deployed, resulting in a seamless transition for users. When employees travel throughout these various locations, they have access to the same technology in every office, ensuring they know how to use it without additional training.

Netrix has provides ongoing support to this client as the company grows, opening new offices


The digital workplace helped free employees from dependence on IT for meeting support, boosting collaboration adoption, and increasing productivity and efficiency. The Netrix solution also included on-going 24/7/365 support, management, and monitoring for hundreds of collaboration spaces nationwide.

Netrix helped this client embrace digital transformation and make the most of their investment, energizing their team and enabling their success.

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