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One Law Firm’s Digital Transformation Story Made Their Remote Working Transition a Breeze

Kopka Pinkus Dolin’s digital transformation in 2019 enabled the law office a flawless work from home transition during the COVID-19 crisis

Kopka Pinkus Dolin’s (KPD) digital transformation in 2019 enabled the law office a flawless work from home transition during the COVID-19 crisis this spring.

Kopka Pinkus Dolin is a regional law office devoted to defend legal issues for organizations and insurance agencies. KPD needed to refresh their communications framework and give a superior client experience to lawyers working remotely. Netrix moved KPD’s on-premises framework and client work area experience to the cloud. This essentially cloudifying the firm. This move decreased their on-prem equipment impression and overall expenses while increasing uptime. Accessibility became easier for remote employees.

KPD deployed the following services and tools through Netrix: mobile device management, infrastructure-as-a-service, firewall-as-a-service, desktop-as-a-service, unified communication-as-a-service, eFax, backup-as-a-service, SD-WAN-as-a-service, Microsoft 365 email, and SharePoint. The completely hosted platform is supported by Netrix’s monitoring and alerting managed services, Citrix-backed DaaS, VMware based cloud infrastructure, Microsoft cloud, and a virtual CIO and virtual CISO. Netrix’s User Adoption Practice also provided change communication to KPD end-users throughout the project.

KPDs COO, Donna Markus stated, “Although it initially seemed strange for our firm to embrace working in a different way, moving to the cloud prepared us for today. The Netrix team worked hard navigating this journey with us and continues to provide insightful improvements. During this pandemic, our entire workforce left the office in a day and started working remotely. We did so seamlessly and without issues.”

“After learning of the historic IT evolutionary challenges at the firm, I am excited to see KPD embrace this digital transformation which allowed them to quickly pivot operations in the midst of a global crisis to maintain secure, fully-functional business continuity for their employees and clients.” Said Neil Parekh, Partner and Director of the Netrix Cloud Infrastructure and Security team.

Based on the project experience with KPD, Netrix developed a quick-deploying cloud platform, Office-in-a-Box. OIB delivers customized cloud services across networks, systems, devices, collaboration tools, data, and apps. The automation and workflow engine facilitates delivery and management. It simplifies IT spend.

As the Netrix Office-in-a-Box platform continues to evolve, mid-market organizations will be able to pick and choose services and quickly provide solutions from a simplified consumption billing model – becoming the most client-friendly cloud migration and IT management methodology in the world.

Learn more about what Office-in-a-Box has to offer.