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Pre-packaged collaboration solutions for your mid-market business

Today’s mindset of your employees and clients has changed. The mindset says there must be an easier, faster, more flexible, and efficient way. Transparent and adaptive — everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Cloudification of Your Office

Netrix has developed a quick provisioning solution for voice, desktop, email, Microsoft 365, systems, and network infrastructure; Mid-Market Office-in-a-Box. This solution is fully-automated for quick deployment and migration of technologies to the cloud – all backed by our 24x7x365 managed services for complete support of your organization’s technology infrastructure.

Quick Provisioning & Automation

Digital Transformation

Organizations are embracing digital transformation to remain competitive. This enables them to quickly scale and increase flexibility, minimize wasted office space, maintain security from internal and external threats, and manage technology throughout the organization.

Simplify Technology Sourcing and Speed Deployment

Mid-Market Office-in-a-box enables organizations to consolidate their technology sourcing, increase deployment speed, and automate migrations to the cloud while integrating with existing infrastructure and end-user devices.

By eliminating disparate technologies in favor of a cohesive bundle, Mid-Market Office-in-a-Box allows organizations to reduce their overhead and equipment costs associated with investing in on-premise hardware and software.

Mid-Market Office-in-a-Box provides organizations with the cloud experience without the headaches and unknowns associated with purchasing technologies from multiple providers.

Costs are simplified by a single, easy-to-understand agreement from a single source and clients reap the benefits of a pay-as-you-go billing model.

We make it all work together.

Our technology makes the difference.

Market Differentiators

Netrix provides a full team of highly trained business technology experts around the clock to manage and respond to your business. Trained across multiple technology stacks and manufacturers, our certified and trained experts provide the depth and breadth necessary to quickly identify and solve issues.

Many data centers are built on a 3rd party backbone and carrier agreements. The Netrix SOC II Type II Tier 3 enhanced data centers were built with Netrix-owned network backbone and Netrix agreements with multiple Tier I global carrier partners.

Our focus on providing outstanding service through our people and technology is why Netrix has grown globally, is an authorized federal government technology supplier, and maintains relationships with our clients since our founding in 1989.

True IT Simplicity in-a-Box


Mid-Market Office-in-a-Box provides the core functionality to get your office up and running within a secure cloud or hybrid ecosystem for infrastructure, applications, communication, collaboration, and management.


Choose from a list of solutions and services and customize a bundle just for you.


  • Unified Communications-as-s-Service (UCaaS)
  • End to end, all-inclusive voice experience


  • Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)
  • Data security through client protocols
  • Access desktop from anywhere at any time from any device
  • Multi-device support including Windows and Mac computers, iPads, Fire tablets, and Android tablets
  • Integration with Active Directory


  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • Systems and servers
  • Data storage and backup
  • Network switching and firewall
  • Disaster recovery and high availability
  • Managed from multiple data centers throughout the United States
  • Provides authentication services


  • Support 24x7x365
  • Ongoing network monitoring
  • Proactive and reactive maintenance
  • Highly trained subject matter experts across technology stacks


  • An array of business applications from Microsoft including Outlook and other office applications available through Microsoft
  • Create, edit, and share with anyone at anytime


  • Single SKU of customized packages
  • Per-user and consumption billing
  • Easy to understand agreement


  • Integration with existing infrastructure and applications
  • Encryption and other security solutions
  • Data archiving


  • Immediate deployment of new offices
  • Quick procurement for user scalability
  • Automated migrations to the cloud
  • Easy-to-use and administer

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