Why a Lead IT Architect is Essential

Having a Lead IT Architect involved from the beginning of a project is essential to planning and staying on budget

An office relocation or large corporate build out has a variety of components and vendors that play various roles throughout the test-fit, design development, and construction processes. Each respective party has a different purpose and deadline to meet. Having a Lead IT Architect involved from the beginning of a project is essential to planning and staying on budget. In this role, our Lead ensures all components confederate at the right time within the project to ensure the delivery of the high ROI your organization is looking for.

  • Unified Communications System (UCS)
  • Unified Collaboration Integration (UCI)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 WLAN)
  • Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Local Area Network (LAN)
  • Network Security (IEEE 802.1X)
  • Network Management System (NMS)
  • Audiovisual (Netrix ICS™)
  • Physical Security (PSEC)
  • Structured Cabling System (SCS)In this capacity, our Lead bridges the gap between traditional corporate real estate transactions and processes, and the gap between how technologies run in a corporate setting. Netrix is the bridge between corporate real estate and corporate technology.

How is a Lead IT Architect Integral to a New Build Out?

To us, the end user holds the key to understanding how a company’s employees want to leverage a workspace. Building end-user friendly environments increases communication in your organization, increases productivity, and improves employee satisfaction by enabling people in and out of your organization to collaborate quickly and easily through a host of IT and telecommunications solutions. The Lead IT Architect keeps the importance of integrating a company’s culture into how the technology will be used. Netrix is there, every step of the way through your relocation or build out, when engaged as Lead IT Architect. We have seen how blindly implementing a product as a solution leads to poor end-user adoption and potentially, an expensive retrofit down the road. With a Lead working directly with our envisioning and change communication service offering – all aspects of a project are brought together on time, and within budget.

What is the Business Outcome?

  • Have confidence in technology to support project guiding principles and decision inputs to the Architect Log
  • Standardization of technology-related costs across the board
  • Understand and positioning to negotiate costs
  • Lead to own all tech-work-stacks of a buildout, with one designated person
  • Effectively communicating and looking out for the organization throughout the entire construction process

What is a Lead IT Architect’s Job?

  • Act as translator between different parties during budget, design, and construction processes.
  • Working with an incumbent – 3rd party – requestor of info while driving conversation. Controlling the scenario that no one discloses too much information. Acts as a negotiator with a cohesive effort.
  • Start messaging early on throughout process while preparing everyone to have the right mindset.
  • Sit in on coordination meetings with MEP, to understand interoperability to ensure functionality is permitted.
  • Figure out the budgeting efforts as little as test fit plans, down to the switch level, etc.This creates detail for design budgets during different phases.
  • Power studies projection on day-one and future environmental loads in distribution frames and server rooms.
  • Initial distribution frame layout concepts.

A Lead IT Architect is integral to keeping your relocation or new office build out on time and under budget. By encouraging open lines of communication and bridging the gap between construction and corporate IT, Netrix can ensure your project stays on scope. Contact us today to learn more