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The Lead IT Architect

Want the Best End Product? Incorporate Tech from the Start.


Our Lead IT Architect bridges the gap between traditional corporate real estate transactions and processes, and the gap between how technologies run in a corporate setting. Netrix is the bridge between corporate real estate and corporate technology.

How is a Lead IT Architect Integral to a New Build Out?

To us, the end user holds the key to understanding how a company’s employees want to leverage a workspace. Building end-user-friendly environments increases communication in your organization, increases productivity, and improves employee satisfaction by enabling people in and out of your organization to collaborate quickly and easily through a host of IT and telecommunications solutions.

What is the result?

  • Have confidence in technology to support project guiding principles and decision inputs to the Architect Log
  • Standardization of technology-related costs across the board
  • Understand and positioning to negotiate costs
  • Lead to own all tech-work-stacks of a build-out, one guy
  • Lead leveraging expertise and RE construction against corporate IT…communicating effectively and looking out for the organization throughout the entire construction process

A Lead IT Architect is integral to keeping your relocation or new office buildout on time and under budget. By encouraging open lines of communication and bridging the gap between construction and corporate IT, Netrix can ensure your project is a success.


Want to know more about how an IT Architect can help with your buildout? Reach out to us now. We’re always happy to answer your questions!