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AV Design Pitfall To Avoid In Construction Projects

Strategic Approach to AV Design: Avoiding Mistakes and Maximizing ROI

Mistakes are forbidden in AV Design When people fail to realize the significance and scope of AV, they make the mistake of putting it off until the last minute. The quality of AV design suffers as a result. In a new construction project, it’s easier and more cost-effective to deliver a well-designed solution before rooms are finished than it is to retrofit an already-built room. But the real problem with leaving AV till later is that it marks a failure to grasp just how important AV is. When it’s well-designed, AV technology really does enhance your team’s collaboration and communication. We’re not talking about would-be-nice-to-have gadgets, we’re talking about the primary business tools you rely on every day for mission-critical operations. Unlike consumer technology (which can be fun, granted), AV directly impacts the effectiveness of your team and working with and presenting crucial information, often with potential clients you’re hoping to impress. With that in mind, it’s pretty silly to treat AV as an afterthought. It surely doesn’t seem like an afterthought when AV fails—in fact, it seems like an emergency. 

So what’s the solution? The best outcomes are the result of a process that considers AV decisions from the very beginning. The first question is: how is our current set-up being used now? How many people use which conference rooms, and when they are using them, what AV components are they utilizing? Then survey the workforce: why aren’t you using the AV in Conference Room C? Finding out why helps shape your new solution with the end-user in mind. And that will optimize your ROI. 

Why an AV Integrator is necessary? Next up: work with any Audio Visual system integration companies to determine what the best solution might be. A good integrator will help you see what’s possible, as it’s their job to be experts on the latest technology. Set a clear vision of the end result with the integrator so you’re all on the same page with respect to what your AV solution will be. 

The Result Since you’ve done the hard work of setting the end result at the beginning of the process, you can now add it to the budget. Now look at the difference: the final outcome of AV in this process will not be a last-minute add-on. The current environment has been analyzed, the end-goal has been established, and all is budgeted. This process will ensure optimized, well-executed AV, with your employees in mind.