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Digital Workplace Solutions

Today’s workplace is all about collaboration. This changes AV’s role substantially. Our mission is to help medium- to enterprise-sized companies stay ahead of the curve.


AV as a Service

The smarter way to do AV in your digital workplace.


Don’t know where to start?

How about a comprehensive analysis of your current environment?

We specialize in bringing technology that allows seamless teamwork and communication among the employees and clients, both in and out of the office.

Digital Collaboration: More than just a nice-to-have


In the past 20 years, time spent by managers and employees in collaborative activities has increased by 50% or more.

– Harvard Business Review


Over 77% of meeting planners say that access to interactive technology is more important than ever.

– Real Estate Tech News


Over 40% of companies that were at the top of the Fortune 500 in 2000 were no longer there in 2010. (Forbes)


  • Lack of understanding of what the workforce needs
  • Failure to properly integrate different facets of  technology
  • Lack of end-user training

Today’s worker expects the best collaboration tools

Whether you’re hiring a college grad or gaining an employee from a competitor, one thing is clear: new, intuitive, office technology is a must-have.

The Keys to Staying Current

We’ve all heard varying reactions to the adoption of new office audiovisual systems in the workplace. Sometimes employees aren’t interested in using it, sometimes they can’t figure out how to start, and other times it flops for another reason.  Our goal is to see the investment you put into your commercial audiovisual systems pay off with happy, connected users.


To get the best results we aim for a clear picture of the current environment using our AV consulting analytics platform. We ensure that you are presented with a clear sense of your current utilization so you can make the best plan.


Once we have a clear view of the problem, we begin looking for the best solution possible. Starting from an end-user perspective, we work with you to figure out what the best corporate audiovisual services will be to meet the needs of your unique workplace and its users.

Managed Services

The Netrix Managed IT Services Practice takes the headache out of running IT. We provide a complete stack of technology services. We monitor your network and systems, we provide unified communication services, security services, and more.


We don’t just hand you the keys to your office audiovisual systems once we’ve built it. We train your workforce to use new technology to encourage buy-in and maximize your ROI. We offer User Adoption Services for all our AV builds and refreshes.  

Our Solutions

Board/Meeting Rooms

You need a meeting environment that addresses your specific needs, from simple projection to a fully integrated room with systems that are seamlessly networked.

Managed Services

Our managed services deliver the most reliable, flexible, intelligent cloud-managed video services solution on the market today.

Video Conferencing

We offer complete video conferencing solutions to address your precise requirements.

Visualization Rooms

Our visualization rooms are designed for highly detailed visual data, such as 3D schematics, engineering renderings, and seismic data, while simultaneously facilitating conferencing.

Sound Masking

When you want to be heard on your conference call, while at the same time keeping office background noise quiet, you’ll want to ensure sound masking filters things right.

Digital Signage/Video Walls

Video walls and digital signage are ideal for welcoming guests and reinforcing company culture.

Microsoft Teams Services

Netrix helps organizations leverage Microsoft Teams to increase employee productivity, improve collaboration across the organization, and enable innovation.

Office Reopening Solutions

Netrix is working alongside our commercial real estate and legal partners to help organizations get back to the office safely.

User Adoption services

A lot of time and money has been spent on new technology for your digital workplace. Will it be used? Take a look at our User Adoption Services.

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