5 Ways UCaaS Boosts Productivity and Efficiency

Elevating Efficiency with UCaaS: 5 Power-Packed Strategies

Say goodbye to using multiple calling, messaging, meeting, video and other business applications.

As technology continues to evolve rapidly, unifying your communication and collaboration tools is a critical way to improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance productivity. The idea of Unified Communications (UC) is not new; most organizations use a wide variety of different applications like email, phone, voice, video conferencing, file sharing and messaging to help their employees do their jobs.

UC boosts enterprise productivity by allowing teams to collaborate more effectively. There are a dizzying number of UC solutions to choose from today, most including expensive infrastructure. Trying to figure out which to use, and how to integrate them into your legacy on-premises systems can be an arduous and costly task.

Moving to UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) combines communication and collaboration tools (and more) into a single all-in-one platform to support your team and provide your clients with a better customer experience. In fact, 68% of organizations say that they require the all-in-one capabilities of UCaaS.1

1: Improve productivity. Aligning your team with a single unified platform, regardless of where they are and what device they use, helps them perform and collaborate better, without the wasted time of moving from individual application to application. In fact, 75% of UCaaS users report heightened productivity levels.2 UCaaS also improve business workflow with file sharing, task management file storage and keeps your teams connected.

2: Reduce costs. Moving to a single UCaaS platform allows you to eliminate multiple and overlapping CC (communication and collaboration) solutions and reduce your technical debt. Moving to monthly as-a-Service billing avoids capital expense and invests in the latest UC solutions without the overhead or maintenance headaches.

3: Improve the customer experience. Your customers expect a streamlined, integrated experience, 24/7. A UCaaS platform can integrate seamlessly into your CRM or ERP system without any downtime (for example, Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP or Oracle). UCaaS can consolidate separate tools into a shared platform that all work interchangeably. Multiple internal teams can still work together without interruption to support an enhanced customer experience, no matter what device that customer is using.  

4: Give everyone the right tools for their job. Your warehouse might only need a few phone extensions, while your marketing and customer service teams require an omni-channel communication hub combining voice, email, web chat, messenger apps and social media. Regardless, they all need a system that’s easy to learn and easy to use. UCaaS allows you to tailor the capability suite to each individual’s needs.

5: Improve employee retention. Employees today value flexibility, particularly millennials. Remote work is here to stay, and many workers don’t want to be tethered to an office at all. Most workers cite improved work/life balance as the biggest benefit of working remotely. A robust UCaaS platform enables the collaboration that once might only have been possible in the office, with a single unified experience, whether you are working at your kitchen table, manufacturing facility or city office.   

The right UCaaS partner can be a catalyst for transformation. Talk to a TetraVX specialist today about our nVX collaboration suite that can supercharge your organization’s communication and collaboration.