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Messaging Overview

nVX Chat allows users to stay connected and collaborate using files sharing, whiteboarding, task management, and more.

To navigate to the nVX Chat tool, select the chat icon, , from the left navigation panel. Once selected, the user will be redirected to nVX Chat page.

Starting New Conversations

Users are allowed to create new conversation, click on +New blue icon,

 Following options are available:

  1. Invite New Client: A client invitation allows users to invite external parties
  2. Create New Project: A project should be created for collaboration amongst multiple users
  3. Create New Chat: A chat should be created for 1:1 collaboration

In-Chat Features

Following in-chat features are available for users:

  • Add file
  • Read-Unread message
  • Browser notification
  • Copy message
  • Create To-do
  • Edit message
  • Delete message
  • Chat members
  • Meeting from chat
  • Chat settings