Enable Pop-Up Notification in Windows 10

Enabling pop-up notifications in Windows 10 allows nVX to push notifications to the desktop when receiving inbound calls or SMS messages.

Step 1

Go to the Notifications icon on the bottom right of Windows and open it.

Step 2

Verify the Focus Assist is disabled. If Focus Assist is enabled, click on the box until it is disabled.

If the Focus Assist is disabled, it will be grayed out.

If the Focus Assist is enabled it may read as Priority Only or Alarms Only.

Step 3

Open Google Chrome

Step 4

Open Google Chrome settings

Step 5

Click on the Privacy and Security section of the Google Chrome settings

Step 6

Click on Site Settings to expand

Step 7

Click on Notifications to expand

Step 8

Click on the Add button in the Allow section.

Step 9

Enter your unique URL for the nVX User Portal, formatted https://”domain”.tetravx.com, and click Add.

Step 10

Closeout Google Chrome and reopen a new browser window