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Contact Directory

The Contact Directory is a shared list of your organization’s contacts. Contact information includes:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Extension
  • 10-Digit Phone Number
  • Email Address

Access Your Contacts

To access your organization’s Contacts, navigate to the home screen of the User Portal by selecting the Home icon at the top left of the navigation panel. Your Contacts will be listed alphanumerically on the Calls tab of the home screen.

Contact Search

To search for a contact, enter a name, extension, or 10-digit phone number in the search bar. Results will update real-time as the information is entered. Click the X icon to clear your search.

Place a Call Using the Contact Card

To place a call from the contact card, click the blue phone icon to the right of the contact details. By clicking the blue phone icon, you will automatically place a call using your designated Endpoint.

Set Your Favorites

Mark your frequently used contacts as favorites by clicking the star icon.