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Analytics-Driven Design Decisions

Building out a new office space? Make decisions based on the data you already have.   

How do I use my existing data to drive decisions for new meeting spaces?

For years, companies have made design decisions for building out new office space using guesswork or a clipboard. Often the approach is to design based on what’s available, or by channeling trends from similar companies. These approaches seldom provide satisfactory results for your people, organization, or culture.

What if you could grab the data from past and upcoming meetings, and then use that data to design conference rooms and collaboration areas for your future space? In this scenario, your current room usage can tell you how your users actually operate within your office.

Analytics-Driven Design Decisions (AD3) is a free offering provided by Netrix that can track usage trends, and paint a clear utilization picture across your entire company.


How does AD3 work?

AD3 extracts historical and planned information about your meetings and meeting space utilization from Microsoft Exchange or O365 which is turned into an easy to use, interactive, web-based dashboard.  AD3 allows you to better understand:

Which departments or employees are meeting most often
What meeting spaces are booked and by whom
Which spaces are used the most and the least
The duration of meetings
Room usage by day of week and time
What topics employees are meeting about
How many people were invited to the meeting

What does AD3 do for me?

Once the historical and planned uses of the current workplace are seen, crucial insights into your employees’ work trends are made clear. You’re able to get a clear picture of how locations, floors, and departments are being used. The rooms with the most value stand out. You’ll see which spaces could be improved in a future transformation.

This information is vital in designing the layout of your office space. It will help determine key details such as how many desks or cubicles to place on a floor, and the ratio of workspaces to meeting rooms.

AD3 brings your data into clear view and illustrates your decision making criteria in a way that is easy to read. You’ll wonder how you ever planned without it.

Why adopting AD3 early is the way to go.

• Tap your existing Microsoft data to see how space is being used now 

Harness data to drive space optimization decisions.

Reduce ghost meetings and wasted space by using AD3 for more informed design.

End the guessing game on how meeting spaces should be designed.

How do I engage with Netrix for an AD3 program?

If you have a buildout on the horizon, don’t wait. The earlier we can provide AD3, the sooner you can gain key insights for your new space.

Mike Gleason | 
[email protected]

We are offering AD3 at no cost. We encourage you to engage with us now!